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There are some of us who believe these 'rainbow lights' are man-caused...more specifically by HAARP- which stands for high altitude auroral research program. They are well capable of causing these lights and doing so anywhere in the US. The coincidence of so may of these rare lights happening on one day in so many locations is maybe not so coincidental. In the Coupeville picture several lines which look like beams are coming down right at the cloud, which some of us would identify as as a chemtrail. Chemtrails or chem-clouds can be seen in most of the photos. You'll know it's a chemtrail if it grows and spreads out, unlike a contrail which dissipates soon after it appears.

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Oh my goodness, Yo is your mom? I'll definitely tell you, that I am Patti Rizzo, and my partner is Ben. We have known your mom and Tim for many years. We are also Eagles, but haven't been very active fo awhile. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and when she was around, things just seemed happier. I hope to meet you soon, we will attend all the memorials and services. If there is anything I can do to help- just ask. I have taken many pictures and have a lot of your mom. I'm trying to find them all. I put up a picture of her at Zaika's. Get ahold of me on Facebook and give me a friend request. I'll try to have a bunch of pics up there in a few hours from now! I am so sorry for your loss. We share in your grief. Patti

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Her name is Yolanda Guberlet, she was the secretary of the Lynnwood Eagles and bartended there. It was at the Eagles parking lot where she was found. We all sang Karaoke together at a few places, like Shays and Zaika.

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The 'dead for some time' was actually in the neighborhood of 12 hours. The snowstorm had people's regular schedules changed and people were keeping off the streets. She must have either been one of the last ones out of the business (she worked there), and there was just no one around to help her whe she went down. We still don't know the cause of death....we all wish we could have been there for her. Chances are she would still be here. It will be a long time before we stop wishing we could go back and change the past.

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This was a dear friend who worked at the business where she was found. She was beloved by many, many people including myself. I know she would not have been driving- and in the snowstorm I worry that the buses schedules were delayed. At this moment there are so many unanswered questions. She was so young. So passionate. I pray she did not have a stroke and lay suffering unfound until the cold got her. God just wouldn't let this happen. Several years ago she overcame cancer which had a grim prognosis. I will post a brief result of her cause of death when the autopsy is released...but to her friends, there was no looming probability of what could have befallen her. We are mystified. I also pray that it was sudden and not a result of a sinister act, which authorities are thus far confident is not the case. Thanks to all of you who care to find out, and want to know what a wonderful person she was. Thanks for wanting to know that she was cared about.