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I love grapefruit as a note in perfume, but it can be really tricky. I use Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Pamplemousse and love it, but many reviewers mention the notes turn toward cat urine depending on their body chemistry.

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Toasties! I have accepted my very first job offer out of college! It's with a large law firm (which I have no experience with) so there's a lot I'm trying to figure out. They are still doing a reference and background check, which I know will come back fine but still am afraid of cursing myself. I am looking at all sorts of calculators for rent, take home salary, etc. and am trying to understand what my benefits in their 23 page breakdown include. I am so very excited and now will probably have at least a two year commitment to living/working in DC.

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Two days ago my friend pointed out that I was a subject of a Missed Connections in which a 50 year old man opined that I had a great ass and wanted to follow me into my cubicle. I work in the waiting area of a clinic so now I am trying to see if any new patients match his description while simultaneously avoiding eye contact.

My favorite hotdish was affectionately known as Grandma Ruth's Hotdish and was hamburger, egg noodles and equal parts tomato soup and old-fashioned vegetable. Since my grandma died when I was young, it was always a nice way to feel connected to her.

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Au Moulin de la Galette by Ramón Casas.

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I'm going to try and listen to it in the background at work today. Do you have any other rec's for pieces that talk about his impact? I've lived off and on in DC for a few months in 2012 and now in 2014 and am trying to better understand his impact and legacy.

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Vodka Pie Crusts! I'd never heard of that so I just spent the last fifteen minutes down a pie recipe blog hole.

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Jane the Virgin! Super funny, lots of soap opera antics played straight.

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This movie sounds incredible.

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The Cat Who... Series by Lilian Jackson Braun! A middle-aged reporter and his two Siamese cats who solve murders and crimes! The reporter, Qwill, stumbles onto cases and the cats provide additional evidence through their cat ways (such as reading backwards, apparently).

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Tangent: I'm currently interning in DC and, after this last election, have definitely shifted my job goals away from the Legislative branch and more towards the Departments. Would you be willing to chat with me a bit about your work? I've been thinking legislative for the past few years so I'm trying to better understand work under the Executive branch.