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"One thing is for certain, the pony community definitely takes the show's "friendship" morals to heart."
Sorry Seth, have you ever read the comment sections? For every one brony who takes the morals to heart there's five that call us juvenile and stupid for it.

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The building itself looks to have several differences. My guess is a remodeling, which could also imply that someone simply bought out the restaurant when it was still Yum Yum.

Not that I don't have a LOT of skepticism about the validity of this picture,but I'm no expert at photoshop nor do I live in the Philipines. Here's hoping someone in the area verifies this soon.

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Come on, I can't be the only one who thought of this. =/

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Sunset Shimmer.

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"Give a man a mask and he'll show his true face", as they say.

Also I'm still unsure whether the overwhelming percentage of female cosplays over male cosplays is due to there simply being statistically more females in the cosplay community or if it's the blogponies being selective.

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I'm sorry this comment isn't related to the post, but there's something I wanted people to hear in regards to the post about the UK brony who committed suicide. Seeing as there's 700+ comments on the actual post, it's unlikely anyone would ever read this on there.

A friend of mine, I won't mention his real name but I'll call him John, has been suffering from clinical depression since he was really young. His first attempt at his own life was at age 7. And though he tried to hide it really well, I don't think he ever did grow out of it. One day I had finally convinced him to try watching My Little Pony, and he was hooked. I introduced him to a bunch of my online friends who were also into it, and the chemistry was instant.

Unfortunately, his parents didn't take too kindly to the idea. We grew up in Alabama, so you could imagine the type of environment we were in in regards to gender roles and the like. I noticed he didn't eat much. He got really skinny and pale, and his eyes were really sunken in. I was worried about him but he said he just wasn't hungry, so I left him alone about it. Eventually he started to distance himself from ponies, and even started to openly hate on it.

This past June, his parents decided to kick him out. I don't think it was about MLP, I'm sure there was something larger, but he ended up taking his own life before they had a chance. And I saw the signs, and I knew where he was going, but I didn't do anything. And I have no idea why. I could've talked to him, I could've helped somehow, but even now I don't see a way I could have. But I didn't even try.

When he got in the paper a couple days later, they reported it as if he was a homosexual. And he wasn't. He was dating my friend, a female. I called his parents and I called the news station but nothing got done and now everyone will think of him as just some gay dude who took the coward's way out.

I don't know why I'm saying this, maybe I'm just posting spam. I don't see what purpose this would serve. But I guess just try to make sure your friends are okay? Even if they seem fine? It was as clear as day to me but I didn't do anything, and a lot of the time when people are on the verge of ending their own life they hide it expertly. Suicide isn't a coward's option. When you're in that position you feel like either you will die slowly through the process of life or you can die instantly on your own terms. I'm not trying to justify what he did; if only he would have talked to someone, if only someone had to talked to *him*, he might still be alive. But calling a suicidal person selfish and a coward will only make it worse.

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She must've hit its weak point for massive damage.

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I'm not certain what he thinks on the issue of feminism, but his wording simply makes me suspicious. If I'm simply jumping to conclusions then shame on me for assuming, but if not then I can at least applaud his willingness to attempt to censor his personal opinions in the name of Journalism.

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You know what let's just simplify the entire social justice movement to simply "Don't be a dick unless being dicked towards". Nothing wrong with a little inanity.

On a 100% unrelated note if you are a fan of Yu Gi Oh I just built a monster of a Harpie deck of which is currently on a 12 duel winning streak and I am planning on entering it into a tourney.

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Don't even know what this is even. ¯_(ツ)_/¯