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Whoa, sounds good! I'm glad you ended up liking it. I might get the DS version to test out to see if it's pretty fun too since I'm usually wary of Wii games and spending money on them. XD

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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They didn't do enough forensics with Condemned, and that was one of the reasons I liked both games so much.

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I need it RIGHT NOW. For my own FACE. Damn, that\'s gonna be a drained paycheck.

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From the first paragraph:

"I can’t stand these girls. Bear in mind you won’t see Princess Peach or Navi on this list — it’s a well-established fact that they’re some pretty obnoxious broads."

The more you know.

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This is a great guide, though I know the cheapest ways to get games is to write about them, muwahahaha! Kidding of course, but you listed some great locations for people to get their fix. I love hitting up Target for good deals, and recently I have become a Goozex convert. You can't beat the point system.

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Hell yeah, I'm in the know. My most anticipated 2009 release save for Beatles RB!

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Even with tiny scraps of information so far, I am READY to buy this game. I can has, plox?

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I have The Conduit as well, and I disagree with a couple things here.

I have to HIGHLY disagree that The Conduit has some of the "best FPS controls on a console," seeing as it's on the Wii and anytime you have to wave your arms around at all (in the least), that doesn't scream agility or precision to me. But, I don't think they're the best on any console. The best FPS controls in my mind will always be on the PC, since I feel precise with a mouse and keyboard. Still, they work well for THIS console. I enjoyed the controls and I think this is by far the best FPS the Wii has to offer. But when you take a step back and have an objective look at it, it should be praised just for getting that right, no matter how repetitive and uninspired you find it. I think it deserves more than a 6 for keeping me entertained long enough to actually keep the white trashbin hooked up.

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MINE! I claimed it already! MINE!!!