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Personally, he's always been my favorite writer for this series. I was so bummed when he said he wouldn't be writing for season four and was so happy to see his name in the opening credits for the season five opener. Dude wrote the first appearances of Discord and the Flim Flam brothers, he can do no wrong by me :)

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We've already had an MLP skit in Robot Chicken, just not a Friendship is Magic-specific one. Look up "Apocalypse Ponies", it was pretty freaking hilarious.

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*lose. "Loose" is the opposite of "tight", "lose" is the opposite of "win".

Normally I don't nitpick, but this grammatical error is so rampant and so ridiculous that I had to say something.

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Love this guy. Can't wait to see what he has in store for the 100th episode!

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Seth is the founder of the site, so.

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Likely a typo. Probably meant to say "now" instead of "not".

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Love the little pose at the end, it looks so proud of itself:3

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They will most likely release AJ and AB at the same time.

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I actually thought of this conversation as taking place very soon after, if not before, her coronation. I was convinced this would be a big plot point in the season four opener (which you'll remember was supposed to pick up right where season three left off) - Twilight feeling antsy about the prospect of being immortal and having to deal with her friends addressing her as "princess" and bowing to her and such. I had actually thought it would be Discord planting the seeds of that doubt in her head (got Discord planting a different, more literal kind of seed in the season four opener instead).

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Seabreeze/breezy-fied Mane Six header for tonight would be good!

Although I'm fairly certain a breezy version of Derpy exists...