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The Youtube userbase happened.

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Aw. I was hoping it would put a hilariously large hole in his face.

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Oh god, he was shot with a Hyperion rifle.

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I expect lots of manly shouting and yelling of attacks. There needs to be transformation sequences, JAM Project, and explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Because giant robots. They're all pretty much required.

EDIT: ...Okay, according to the story and the source material, it seems to be going more "Evangelion" than "Getter Robo."


...Now someone needs to make that ultimate loud, shouting, defiant story where badass happens.

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He was once a combat mage for the great Crystal Empire, known throughout the land for his fearsome power. His incredible strength felled countries, destroyed lives, and expanded the empire, overtaking even that of the Griffon kingdom.

However, in his lust for power, the man attempted to find better and more powerful magic, both to protect the kingdom and expand its territory. He eventually came across one method, one that reached through time and space to an alternate dimension. He opened the portal, staring into the abyss...and the abyss stared right back.

His sanity and mind were erased, his screaming piercing the Empire's lands. He emerged, a new stallion. His worst emotions were bolstered, the eldritch power coursing through his veins as he became the embodiment of hatred and fear. He killed the king, taking his place before enslaving the capital. Then you know the rest; Celestia and Luna did the honors, the lands ruled by the empire were then let free, and from then on out, empires were considered a generally terrible idea. Because Lovecraft.

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Also, Rarity, don't lock up Twilight! It won't end well! Please! Rarity! Stop! DAMN IT! I CAN'T STOP ANYONE FROM DYING. NOBODY IS SAFE.

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And now you're going straight for baseless bullshit.

You know what? Yeah, I'll leave you alone, but not because of any "proven bullshit." It's because you're such a worthless human being that you can't formulate a proper argument.

Also, you lost the moment you used "wapanese" seriously.

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That's still something that nobody wants to hear, because frankly, it's stupid. What are you, a /co/cksucker?

Effort put into the animation? NAH, THE ART STYLE'S NOT TO MY TASTE GOTTA SAY IT'S HORRIBLE BECUZ IM AN EDJJY GUY WHO CAN'T SWARE. And it may be fun to use, but it's embarrassing to see.

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Except this version has murder and psychotic laughing.

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If you don't have the balls to say bad language, don't fucking censor yourself.

Also, what exactly was the point of this, other than to make yourself look like a shithead?