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It'd still be better than Horse Armor...

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Ladies, Gentlemen & Gentletrolls of Halolz, Aristotle has prepared a brief statement in response to Hejiru's accusations:

As the "inventor" of Aristotelian Logic, I present the following counter-argument:

I have a Portal Gun.
Your logic is INVALID!

Thank you.

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Verily and forsooth!

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So, Don't Explain the Joke!

...Unless explaining the joke is actually part of the joke, in which case the joke has to be explained, but since you don't explain the joke, then there is no joke, so we have to go back to the original joke, which must be explained, so...AAAAGH!

Mjr_Boothroyd has experienced a Self-Referential Logic Error and must be shut down.

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Yes, he accidentally the whole thing, because who would the whole thing on purpose?

I would have GRAMMAR HAMMER'd ya, but I couldn't tell if you intentionally left out the verb or not.

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I see what you did there...

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The Space Core never gets bored of space, which means...

TheSpaceCore IS A SPY!


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I'm sorry, it had to be done. Now, I'll go set myself in the corner...

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I believe you are referring to that distinguished pair of gentlemen: Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, Esq. and their most Excellent Adventure (or was it their dreadfully Bogus Journey? I forget sometimes.) True visionaries, those two were.

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I don't always try to explain the joke, but when I do, I do it with pages like this.

Stay funny, my friends.