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You are in for a shock! Brexit is the biggest threat to any Conservative and to think otherwise is a terrible mistake. You need to have something positive on Brexit or you are sunk. Mrs May is so toxic she is a lethal injection.

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Who is paying for the expensive adverts on social media and the Ministerial charabang going around the country? It had better not be coming out of my subscriptions and donations!

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Which is exactly why it has been proposed!

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Unless the Conservatives get their act together he is a reality!

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He does and is absolutely committed to it! It is his declared life long ambition to destroy Capitalism and he will set about it with vigour and determination.

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Horrifying! And the Drones will slurp it up.

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I honestly believe that Labour have entered into a conspiracy with Brussels to destabilise the government and force an election, which they think they can win, and then implement a deal which they have already agreed which ties us into the single market and customs union but allows Korbyn to go ahead with his renationionalisation programme. Why else were Starmer, Korbyn and Lady Nugee creeping around Brussels for the last 12 months?

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I find it astonishing that despite Chequers being so unpopular with the bulk of the Party that May seems utterly resistant to change. Why? She has staked her Premiership and future political career on a dead horse. Who the hell is advising this woman?

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I recieved mine in the post this morning and did actually read it. There are a lot of platitudes and examples of being told what CCHQ think we want hear. Missed the mark by a country mile. I want to know when we are going to stop pandering to the EU and actually stand up for ourselves. We have many advantages in the negotiations but we have not once tried to exploit them. If you want to send me a letter send me one that says what you are actually going to do and not what you wish you ciuld do!