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I don’t think this is going to do nearly as well as WWE hopes it will. I’m not hating on what they are attempting to do, but the fans just really don’t seem to completely be on the corporate women’s evolution hype train.

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I gotta say Joe, Orton, and Omega have the best songs in wrestling. Entrance? Undertaker without question.

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Loved the show! Little slow to start but definitely worth the price tag! Pentagon Jr vs Kenny was MoTN for definite. Loved the Jericho shock beating at the conclusion of that match as well. Overall show grade 4.5 out of 5.

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MoTN was imo Ricochet/Cole. Adam was brilliant in his cerebral and methodical approach whereas Ricochet wowed everyone in attendance and watching with his athletic aresenal. He is showing why he was the original cornerstone for Lucha Underground. Excellent match and that apron to floor rana was incredible!!! 4 &3/4 stars.

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I can just hear Tito cracking his knuckles preparing to do the “I Told You So” World Tour

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Kane too

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For further examples see Michaels, Shawn circa 1996-2002

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Damn it! Why can it not be June 13 already??? Next to GoT this is what I have been missing most in my televised life...so so stoked!

I do not know if I'm ready to commit to saying the old man is in fact Dario, but color me intrigued. So many unanswered questions still. Like who was Catrina brawling with? Is she going to fall to her final death this time? Where the hell is Melissa? Nothing really showing about Pentagon's story arc so there are tons of unanswered questions there. Damn it Father Time, speed up already!!

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i wish shin and aj finished this feud in a texas death match but i seriously doubt wwe has the balls

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i guess vince thinks people care more about roman's redemption