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If it is a crime to efficiently use refrigerator space...let me be guilty!

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You may

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Like in Phantom Menace when some dude is protesting the Trade Federation takeover..."we're a democracy"! Really, with a 14-year-old queen?

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Of course it's all in the fine print. It doesn't go into effect until the 2015 municipal elections, and the king can rescind it any time he wants. Women's activists had threatened to protest this Thursday's municipal election, so he may have done this to try to avoid having any demonstrations...which could get out of hand a la Bahrain or Egypt

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This is what the whole U-S Attorneys scandal was all about. The Gonzalez run Justice Department was pushing federal prosecutors to bring vote fraud charges just weeks before the election. They weren't interested in actual convictions, just helping Republican candidates. When eight of them refused to bring charges, they were fired.

The U-S Attorney for New Mexico was pressured with phone calls from then Senator Pete Domenici.

Local Republican party organizations also routinely send out official looking fliers to lower income and racially mixed neighborhoods with the wrong election date. The clear intent is to disenfranchise those who would likely vote for Democrats.