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It'll probably start in October, that's normally when all the CW shows start up for the Fall.

I rewatched the show back when MW did Supernatural, but I don't think there's any way I'm up for watching the entire show again.

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I am very behind. I never watched the most recent season of Luke Cage or anything beyond that, but I had planned to catch up at some point. I don't know if I will or not, but it's been on my list for a while.

The reason they are being cancelled is because of Disney's streaming service. Disney is pulling the plug, so they don't have the competition, and planning to create their own Marvel shows and possibly even rebooting some of the Netflix stuff to be more kid-friendly.

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I haven't even seen Season 2 because it's not on Netflix. I watched Season 1 on Netflix, but I think Season 2 was airing at the time so I haven't seen it yet.

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I read the book recently, but I'm not going to see the movie until next Sunday - so I guess by then I'll have an opinion.

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I could care less about Blaine's dad's plot.

The show has really shifted in such a big direction this season, I have no idea where they're going with it. But, I won't be at all surprised if more cases, like this one, are related to them being in the walled city.

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The show killed off Francie and Will, the two people who were not involved with the CIA when the show started. I think I would rather they kill off a character like Vaughn, who is in the field all the time and in life or death situations. I have noticed that when this show was filmed the world still had a lot of payphones. I never see them now.

The fact that Vaughn said Will isn’t dead, I don’t understand though, because we saw him lying dead in the bathtub.

We have not yet solved the Rambaldi plot and now there’s suddenly a two-year time jump? What? So Season 3 will take place 2 years later?

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Sydney is way too late looking Francie needing some sort of protection. Sydney obviously doesn’t have great hunches, she hasn’t noticed that Francie has been killed. She may have been right about Will, but if fake Francie was the one accused, I assume that she would defend her too.

Dixon should not still be on active duty. I don’t understand why he wasn’t suspended after the previous episode.

Was Dixon the only person there who didn’t die other than Will?

Sydney telling the fake Francie anything or speaking in front of her, when Francie doesn’t have clearance I thought was not allowed. Will kind of found out on his own, Sydney didn’t just tell him even when the story he was writing was putting him in danger.

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If Vaughn or Sydney were in Dixon’s place there’s no way they’d accept being taken off active duty. Dixon should not be in the field, but that’s been true of the other characters at some point and Vaughn should not be partnered with Sydney.

I’m not sure what will happen to Dixon but I won’t be at all surprised if he gets suspended.

The Rambaldi plot still isn’t making sense to me.

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How do people have enough space for clothes to give away a drawer? All of my clothes don’t even fit in my dresser to begin with. No way could I clean out a drawer for someone else’s clothes.

Are there really cowboy bars in Russia?

How could Vaughn get to Russia so fast? It takes 7 hours to fly form DC to the UK, so it’s going to take longer than that to get to Russia.

I don’t agree that what happened to Emily was murder. Danny and Diane were murdered, but I don’t think being shot under the circumstances Emily was is murder.

Nobody really seems to be looking for the other double that they know is out there.

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The police don’t allow any officer personally involved with a case to investigate it (despite what many TV shows seem to think). The CIA should have the same rule. Sydney and Jack just have too much history with Irina.

Emily’s choices were a bit all over the place in this episode. First she wants to turn Sloane in, then she choose to leave with him, making her an accessory. Had she made a choice and stuck with it maybe she wouldn’t have been shot. Sloane is the one who deserved to be shot, but I think maybe his character is needed to propel the plot and Emily is not.