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I always wondered how many of our neurotic teen stress and drama problems could have been solved if their parents actually sat them down at a young age and explained to them they aren't better than everyone else by virtue of existing, and that life is hard and often sucks. As a society, we teach our children to be proud of themselves, even if they haven't done anything to deserve it. Then we expect them to function in a setting where not everyone gets a perfect grade for "effort" and they fall apart.

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The PSA on cell phone use while driving doesn't really bother me too much considering the number of brain dead teens that just don't seem to get that you should actually watch the road while driving. I scared the living daylights out of some poor guy a few months back by having to throw myself onto his hood as he was letting me pass in front of his driveway because some high school twit was chatting happily on her cell and nearly plowed into me. Even with throwing myself on the other car's hood she only missed me by a few inches and the roads here are not exactly narrow. She never even bothered looking back and I doubt she even realized I was there.

While this is the closest I've come to being hit, it's certainly not the first time I've had to step into ditches or culverts to avoid teen drivers on their phones. I have the misfortune of living just a mile past the high school, so ever morning, lunch, and after school hour is a major hassle.

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His music is catchy the same way most of the music these days is catchy: you'll hear it on the radio, hum along to it for the last half, the song will change and five minutes later you can't remember a thing about it.

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Even worse, these women are the ones who claim to be the feminists. You see, it's okay for someone like Chris Brown to beat on women because he's pretty and famous. But the guy who works his butt off so his wife/girlfriend doesn't have to work? He's the misogynist.

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He's pretty anti-gun. He made reference several times during Firefly commentary about the issue. However, aside from Buffy, which was a very mythical based show anyway, this view isn't really noticeable in any of his works.

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I always call them pro-abortion. Every time I've spoken with a pro-abortionist, they've gotten morally offended and demanded I call them pro-choice, because they support a "woman's right to chose." They usually get flustered and change the subject when I ask, "a woman's right to chose what?".
Pro-choice: the only movement that makes a conscious effort to never mention what their movement is actually about. If that doesn't say something about the morality of their views, what does?

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I was interested in seeing this movie until they spammed me with 30 trailers at the start of every single Youtube video for over a week.

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Instead of trying to switch to using a dollar coin, how about they stop minting the penny? I honestly don't know anyone who actually uses pennies for more than something like scratch tickets, and it costs 4-7 cents per penny minted.

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I always argued U.S. citizens should have to pass the same citizenship test legal immigrants have to pass to become citizens before they are allowed to vote. I did a poll of all my senior class at high school back in 2007, granted it was less than 200 students, and nearly cried when only 70% could tell me what each of the three branches are, 50% what party controlled Congress, and 18% what the job of the House and Senate was. What was really bad was the last part of the poll where I gave theoretical issues and asked what level of government should be the one to make laws on them, or if they thought a law was necessary; 97% thought laws were absolutely necessary, and 83% thought it was the federal government's job to make said laws.

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I only mentioned it as a possible issue because all the other states with conceal carry currently refuse to allow Vermonters to conceal carry in their states because of the lack of license. I'm curious as to how a national law would affect this current situation.