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I'm a member of the campus Gay-Straight-Alliance (with one gay person since the rest of them are closeted out of fear of not being able to get a job if they are out) so I am often sent emails about transphobic things that have happened in the school that are usually exceptionally minor things like saying men can't have abortions or someone saying "ladies and gentlemen" since it doesn't include genderqueers. I always thank them for their letter and point out the number of ways that they can get involved with trans issues lobbying for certain bills or getting signatures for ballot measures.
And, amazingly enough, they don't actually want to come out and do any of the work that might help trans people in their daily life to be able to have job protection or use the bathroom of choice without being arrested. But I'm sure that the people in the community would much rather have an 80 year old professor use the word genderqueer than be able to have a job.

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I'd already failed at being a functional member of society so law school seemed like a good place to hide while I waited for the sweet release of 2012 Apocalypse.

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If I can get a little BLAWGy for a minute (sorry, so sorry, I am so sorry) the free expression issue really doesn't matter in terms of the vandalism. It's a content neutral law. A person could be charged with starting a bonfire without a license if they set a flag on fire the same as if it was a book they had lit up. They just can't be subject to a crime that is specifically targeting the speech issue. Stupid judge probably made the right decision since the content of the defacement should not matter.

Of course if he's written "Hitler is awesome" instead of a political statement that the jury may agree with then you better bet that the Prosecution would be arguing that the content added to the crime.

I don't think the case will actually turn on the issue of "is chalk really vandalism" because previous Cali courts have said that a marker on glass that can be wiped off is defacement. More important is that vandalism has a mens rea requirement of maliciousness. If he could say that his goal was to inform consumers, not to harm BoA, he may not be found to have the malice needed.

And now I'm going to cry about how law school has ruined my ability to snark and turned me into a blawger.

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Even better, in my great penis state of Florida, HB 87 would eliminate the current homeowner protections. Currently, in Florida banks have to actually provide the paperwork to show that they own the mortgage before they foreclose.

Well, after this bill, they can just fill an affidavit to show ownership. No need for the actual paperwork!

(PS: Florida's paperwork requirement is why our state uncovered the robosigning thing before the others)

Also, once the bill passes, if your home is wrongfully foreclosed upon you couldn't sue to get it back. Only for the value.

In a down market.

The bill sponsor is calling it good for consumers.

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The 5 days are never correct. If it says a hurricane will hit Tampa for Monday you can be pretty sure it won't hit Tampa on Monday. (Tally on Wednesday though...and of course just in time for my birthday)

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"They repeated the tired phrases of all the other feminists: you must work harder than anyone else, you must believe in yourself, you must promote your résumé, you must find female mentors, you must help pave the way for other women coming up behind you. "

Which part of this is the bad advice, Grace? Do you not need to work harder to succeed? Don't we give this same advice to young men all the time? Should you not believe in yourself? No, belive in God to magically give you a job. Or, really, believe in your husband because why are you even working. Should you not have mentors who share your background (whatever that is- my mentors are all socially anxious dorks, because I need to learn how to succeed with that).

Wait, the lady from Texas talked about her babies. And wore a skirt. That's all you are supposed to do to be a good woman. Baby and legs.

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Is this tape going to also include that tape of Michelle talking about how much she hates white people? Because I've been waiting for that one since the election.

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How can private industry give more education for less money (since an ever increasing amount of money will need to go towards profits since businesses aren't happy with a stable return, it needs to keep growing year to year)? Even if you get rid of unions and pay the teachers less (not like they are making a lot now) then you will just attracted less qualified people as teachers because of, you know, the market. And how will you lower the costs for infrastructure when you can't negotiate for the best rates the way that government entities can?

Besides, wouldn't the best schools compete to attract the best students (thus making themselves look awesome)? Not to mention that the good students probably can be taught for less than the ones that actually need things like one-on-one intervention and special help.

Oh, what do I know. I went to public school AND am a girl so that makes me unsuited for these math things.

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The law was pushed by the NRA. They have had it on their agenda for years but Florida was the first state to try it out. And it has resulted in a marked increase in "justifiable" homicide in the state. An average of two a week. The law does have a law enforcement exception. So you can't shoot a cop. I'm pretty sure that includes undercover cops.

The family should totally wait. Just giving a preview of the next round of outrage. I've already read some bloggers talking about how if the criminal courts don't give them justice they can still go to civil court. You'd think so. But not in Florida.

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Yep. It's really the wild west. There is no duty to retreat. No duty to not escalate. There was a case in Leon County in 2008 where these kids in a gang ended up in a shootout with each other. The ones who didn't die in the gunfight were legally found to be immune from prosecution under Stand Your Ground.

In the decision the trial court judge said "The law would appear to allow a person to seek out an individual, provoke him into a confrontation, then shoot and kill him if he goes for his gun." Remember, the statute uses a subjective standard so "goes for his gun" could also be "moves his hand to where I assume he has a gun because he's black".

And, as an extra bonus, if Zimmerman is found immune under stand your ground he is also legally barred from any civil penalties from a wrongful death suit. And if Martin's family tries to bring a civil suit and it gets dismissed because of this immunity then they have to pay Zimmerman's attorney fees.