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I see no problem with this whatsoever.

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"Slutty pumpkin."

Is nothing safe from the slutting up of costumes?

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>No Legend of Korra


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These are clearly the best EqG dolls around! They're really cute! Although Rainbow Dash's hair is still weird.

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Then Twilight will learn a lesson about accepting that even the least likely of people can get along. But something tells me this isn't the case. Depends on how well they get along, too.

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Sure, Fluttershy may be a close friend to him, and Pinkie I could see trying to get along with him, but someone like Rainbow Dash or even Applejack and Rarity instantly becoming friends with him, in the course of Twilight's travels? That sounds pretty suspicious.

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It is true. And despite what people say, her episodes aren't always "the same." They focus on different types of anxiety and fears that lots of shy people go through aplenty--such as self assertiveness, self consciousness, stage fright, etc. And just because they aren't solved instantly doesn't mean she doesn't gain any sort of character. Look at her in season one, when she was very quiet, small, and didn't have a lot of friends aside from the Mane Six, to season five, where she's found her voice, has other types of friends, and knows when something isn't for her. I feel like that isn't something people realize with Fluttershy, but it is something I extremely appreciate.

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Fluttershy's little bows are too cute!

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*hides in a corner*

They're gonna kill me...

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But if it goes the same way with what happened between Mako, Korra, and Asami, I'm sure Sunlight fans would be pleased.