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This is probably mean to point out, (but I can't resist...) I'm pretty sure I've seen members of your family at FACC for the gem show, the indoor farmers market, and Snatam Kaur. :-P

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I appreciate this comment, Michael: "The City doesn't own the library, rec center, etc. to make a profit. They're public facilities that enhance the quality of life in our community, which helps ensure that people stay/move here and keep our economy strong. It's no different with the Center, which would make a natural addition to the existing public facilities."

Just because private investors aren't standing in line to purchase the center doesn't mean it's not a good investment in the community. I don't think cities make all of their decisions on whether something is a good financial return on their money -- the city might not be directly making money on the trail system, or the public schools, or the library, or the town square, or the FACC for that matter. But those features are all things that improve our quality of life in this community.

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There was an article in the Ledger a couple weeks ago listing all of the organizations who had applied for funding in this next cycle and how much they received. They were given less money this year in anticipation of half of the money being diverted to FACC. I think it said that most of the organizations were supportive of the change. I can't find the article on the Ledger's site to link to it.

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I like the Expo Hall as a venue for live music and dancing and having a couple beers. It was a great spot for the Greg Brown show in 2009 and we're excited to check out the Nadas/She Swings She Sways Show there over Memorial Day.

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Will said: "What happens if the FACC is not purchased by the residents of Fairfield? - it's not going to go vacant. It's not going to be purchased by Walmart or Monster Truck Rallies Inc. If the ballot measure does not pass a private party(s) will take over the rescue."

I've been leaning toward voting Yes, and Myron Gookin's editorial sounds convincing. But a private party taking over the rescue like Will describes above sounds like another great scenario. Do we know for a fact that will happen? Have private parties stepped forward thus far to express interest?

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What does it mean to close Main St.?

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Hi Heather,
The quiet zone website (http://www.fairfieldquietzone.org/) says they still have $86,239 left to raise. Have there been financial developments since then?

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Intuitively I would think that hands-free devices are safer since you can keep both hands on the wheel, but I've heard that hands-free devices don't actually make driving while talking on the cell phone much -- if any -- safer. I did a quick web search and found several articles confirming that: http://www.saferoads.org/hands-free-cell-phones-s...

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I had fun playing Pack n Stack at the bbq this summer and have been thinking about wanting to try it again. Reminds me a bit of my college tetris days!