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The fandom is way more peaceful and beautiful ( especially when it comes to mysoginy, the ProtectMisaSquad is a powerful thing ) however, in a last survey made in the fandom, something like 15% or 20% of people still think Light was right. It's amazing, really. And going on youtube, reading comments, it's ridiculous the amount of Light apologist or people who wanted Light to win.

People are scary.

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While I find the anime's ending absolutely gorgeous, I can't help but notice how LACKING it is when compared to the manga. First, I'm going to write Near's answer to "I'm a god/I'm justice" from Light because it's the best thing in this manga and it's the perfect conclusion to Death Note's philosophy.

"What is right from wrong ? What is good from evil ? Nobody can really distinguish between them. Even if there is a god. Now, supposing a god and his words existed, even then I'd stop and think for myself. I'd decide for myself wether his techings are right or wrong. After all, I'm just the same as you : I put faith in my own convictions as to what I believe is right, and consider them to be righteous. You are certainly no god, for one, and having you tell people how to lead their lives - and having people live accordingly - is neither nor justice as far as I'm concerned. Calling yourself god and killing people indiscriminately is definitely evil in my book."

*mic drop*

Next, Light's humiliation. Seeing him beg for Ryuk to save him and Ryuk answering "yeah, right, sure, keep dreaming" after giving him some hope is glorious and precious. Seeing the flashback where Light learns that there is no Hell nor Heaven for anyone, that everyone, no matter what they do, will go in the Nothingness is wonderful. Light will die and will end in the same place that everyone else, including his victims. It's both sad ( because we all want something good for people like Soichiro Yagami and Naomi Misora ) and amazing.

Finally, the epilogue is cut out from the anime - I can understand why - and with it the hypothesis than Near used the Death Note on Mikami to be sure that he doesn't notice the swap between the notes. I'm torn on this hypothesis by the way. Near is a pretty mysterious character until the end. He seemed pretty respectful of a certain ethic, but I can"t help but think that after Mello's death he threw it away and may have used the Death Note.
The final scene show Kira's supporters, one year after, still praying for his return. I love this scene. It means so much in DN's context.

Also, I'm sorry Mark the last Misa's scene was a way to show her suicide. She kills herself the year after Light's death. Seems like her lifespan wasn't that great after all.

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Oh, yes, the way a character is treated in fanon can be really important with the way you see this character ^^

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No, nothing. There is a couple of panels in addition.

However, fanon!Matt is all over the place. Mello's best friend, raised in the Wammy's House, third in line for L's successor, great hacker, super clever but lazy... ( wonderful self-insert in my opinion, and yes i'm a little "meh" about the Matt's hype ) Nothing in this is canon, but it kind of became mandatory to include him in every stories about the Wammy's House.

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This episode is pretty devastating. Mello is great, the manga treats him better, but yes, he probably doesn't think for one second that Takada has a piece of the Death Note, like he doesn't think that Matt will be killed if he gets caught but, nope. The World of Kira is a cruel one, dear Mello.

I'm happy I'm not alone to feel 0 sympathy for Takada. I mean, yes, Light is a dick, and he was particulary awful there, but while I can understand Misa ( her parents being murdered, her trying to cling to something - someone - to get stability ) and Mikami ( who honestly believes what he is doing is good and was really scarred by his childhood ) Takada was always a ???? for me. Like, girl, you are smart, apparently rich enough to get into Tokyo, you are obviously independant and you never question Light, not even once ? No, of course not, instead of that you are going to annoy Poor Misa by torturing her in a private meeting. Jerk. Still, her death was... damn. Tragic. You can't even blame her for kiling Mello, not really, it's almost self-defense at this point ( even if I don't know if Mello would have hurt her in any way, she couldn't know that )

But yes, women are still treated as disposable pawns by Light, nice.

Light/Near meeting is approaching ;D

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Most of Matt's fans are actually Mello/Matt fans in my experience ^^ Obviously you get attached to the characters you ship. If it's not the case, then I really don't know, haha :D

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This episode is indeed super interesting to expose the "dystopian" side of Death Note. I mean, we are not YET in a dystopia, but after so many years, Kira is definitely hijacking the power, becoming like a "Big Brother" figure, unavoidable. I've read enough fanfictions/theories to have even more ideas about how awful this world is. First, obvious paranoïa : if your name is associated to a crime, even if it's only on the internet, you can be killed. Can you imagine the level of trust you need to have in one person to give them your name ? I sure would always use an alias. Can you imagine the amount of snitchs, ready to throw people at Kira ? Ugh.
Also, while the number of crimes is probably and obviously reduced, I wouldn't be surprised to see that the level of violence has rised, especially against the police ? Like, if you're caught, Kira kills you. Better trying to get away - even if it means becoming a murder. Anyway, awful world indeed.

I really don't think Demegawa cares about Kira beyond his own profit. Even in the first arc, it was all about ratings, ratings, ratings. Kira is an opportunity for him, he is the worst kind of people. Urgh.

Also, Mello and Near ! I love them together, I love the game they are playing with each others. Mello is out there to beat Near and really, if Kira hadn't existed, it would be another case because this boy breathes for competition. Near is way more complicated but I think he loves games, so having Mello around is super entertaining.
I also wonder if Mello is the reason Near doesn't even care about L/Light. I mean, he suspects him, obviously, but we are far from the obsession/fascination between L and Light there. I can only think that Near never really knew the feeling of being a lonely genius, having been raised in the Wammy's House with Mello ( and other genius ? We don't know a lot about them but yeaaah ).

Also Light is so full of himself and thinks the other investigators are stupid ( he is kind of right, okay, i mean, come on ) and almost doesn't care about hiding his true goal. I can't help but think the relationship between Light and the taskforce is not great. At least not as good than in the first arc, where he was the golden student, Soichiro's kid etc... Light can be nice and charming, but he is pretty bad at creating lasting emotional connexion with others, and now that his father is dead, the distance between him and the rest of the taskforce is dangerous.

Anyway, all my thought for this episode ( and the previous ones tbh ). It was looong.

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One of the theories in the show is that users of a Death Note become shinigami when they die (because they cannot go to heaven or hell).


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It totally still counts ^^ But he definitely doesn't want to have Mello's picture going around, I guess it's understandable considering that a) Mello's mess creates an opportunity for Near to get informations b) Mello could be manipulated to get to him, and if Near stays all the fricking time in his ivory tower, it's probably to let 0 chance to Kira to get to him ( in this regard he isn't the bravest character out there haha )

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I actually do the exact same thing with Mello actually ^_^ But to be reduced to these is probably a big hint that there IS NOT ENOUGH FEMALE CHARACTERS.