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So I haven't been on this board for a long, long time.... but , hey Mark, remember when you had everyone go out and buy a copy of Infinite Jest?? Then I went onto your "past books" to see maybe if I could catch up because of the lack of updates before.

It is still on my bookshelf, and now my 2016 resolution to finish this year. Only barely cracked the surface of it and was intrigued so can't wait to actually see what it's all about.

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I can't wait to find out what Hal's nickname is. He says he won't share it yet earlier in the book.

So far we have Mario-Boo boo
Dad - Himself
The Moms
I really am curious as to what they nicknamed Hal.

I love how everytime Hal is written there is tons of conversation going on back and forth back and forth, yet there is some discrepancy as to whether he can talk (according to Himself) or "strange noises" that come from him..or whether everytime his parts come up it is really a disillusion viewed from his point of view.

Appreciative that multiple cultures are being represented in this book.

Personally, I want more of the Stoner, please :)

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I love Haymitch, and that scene with the earpiece is my favorite in the series (especially if Hugh Laurie would have been cast asnhim.) in my opinion, haymitch kinda fills in the father like role for her. He's gotta be tough with her now, cause she s going into the touchiest craziest scenario of her life. Plus when she ripped off the earpiece to his knowledge she could have been dead.

He cares for her he's just got a funny way of showing it!!! Plus we know the man operates best under the influence of alcohol which he has none of here!

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Yeah, I believe Beetee designed crazy arrows for her bow. She explained she used the fire ones, and then went for the explosive tipped ones. Still a bit farfetched with taking down a hovercraft/bomber BUT HEY THIS iS COLLINS' story - right?

Also, random side note. I play call of duty black ops quite a bit online and I don't know whether this is fake or real... But they have a crossbow that launches sticky grenades. The grenades literally attach to wherever they are shot and blow.....maybe not too far fetched of an idea (besides I don't know they were shooting at flying objects that are NOTHING LIKE GEESE.)

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Can you imagine when the third movie comes out and they actually shoot this scene -- they will probably cut to flashback scenes of HIS POINT OF VIEW right before the arena blew... It's gonna be intense.

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He did say he shat in some container in his room... Not in the bathroom, so he wouldn't have to leave his room. That's the only real tie in I see between the title and story.

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The one thing that really irks me about the whole Johanna/stabbing thing.. is he way Enaboria (sp?) and Brutus just walk by, "she's as good as gone." Even in the first hunger games (well the book) the careers were smart enough to send Peeta back to finish her off because they hadn't heard a cannon yet. I realize Katniss has got to be the lucky one but that part just doesn't make sense (i guess kinda like Peeta's heart stopping and no cannon to signal his death, yet enough time for Finnick to bring him back.).

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I know can you see him re-reading everything relentlessly, "What did I miss.... WHAT did I miss...? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK AM I MISSING HERE?!?!?"

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minus the cat hair on the leg, not bad - eh? lol

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So here's my question mark... why does the next chapter always show up on my mobile phone first but then when I get on my computer I have to mannually enter chapter-24 for it to show? This is the third time this has happened.

Anyways.. been waiting awhile to post this, but here's MY mockingjay:


hopefully that works never done a picture thingy before :)