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Well lying on the form (as distinct from making an error) could lead to the "death penalty" if not for the liar but for the person the liar infects.

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Exactly right Elaine.

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Brady is engaged in a ceaseless (and futile) leadership bid.

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Yes I am afraid the "clueless idiots" are indeed those who do not comply, not the people doing all they can despite continual carping criticism.

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The PMs speech today was brilliant. His ability to integrate history, sentiment, patriotism and optimism are second to none. The covid mess is the same in every European country and the measures being taken are in many cases more draconian there. (Madrid, Paris, Marseilles). What the people needed today was a broad vision for a new future. Covid, as he said, has highlighted many problems we already faced as a society and the last thing we need is to go back to the status quo ante. Others have to provide the detail: a leader is there to inspire. Boris Johnson did that today.

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Apologies if this post appears twice with some differences but my first attempt seems to have failed. A poster here, @neptunographer, writes disparagingly about Brexit but does make a good point about the "emotional" factor involved in Brexit. As a conservative Brexiteer I believe he/she has a point. I don't thtink that all peoples who desire nationhood can realistically expect it, but if anyone can surely it is the Scots. They do have a long independent history and a long history as a people full stop. True there is no longer a religious identity if there ever was and apart from outliers no real language identity. But there is a desire to bring back control from a remote capital city located outside of their own borders.
This bringing back of control is what I support as a Tory Brexiter. Is it possible that once the national question is solved in Scotland, that we could return to normal politics? At the moment every issue in Scottish politics is mediated through the national question to the advantage of the SNP. If national independence was no longer an issue we could see a return to a contest between left and right; between big state/ small state; between liberalism and conservatism. Much like we are seeing now we have reclaimed independence from the EU in England.
I write this tentaively and purely as a discussion, but is it time that we developed a conservative position that acknowledged the desire of people to live as a "we" and control their own nation and yet join together as federal nations within the Kingdom?
To repeat, if this post appears with some slight differences I apologise.

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The EU wants a win-lose rather than a win-win, because it is fundamentally a political ideology. The politics of trans-nationalism and building a unified Europe under German hegemony has existed since the foundation of Germany in 1870. (In fact possibly since the German states and Kingdoms met in confederation in 1815). A similar desire exists in French political thinking both since the Revolution and certainly since Napoleon's failed attempt.
The mistake many of us in Britain make is to assume that the EU is still some kind of Common Market and that all both sides wish to do is organise trade for the best of all. But this is not so and we lose sight of what is important to the German and French political classes - the politics and ideology - if we continue to think only of trade.

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The 12 trees were grown for the purpose: rather like wheat is grown for bread to mop up your lentil soup.

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Is "excluding certain newspapers" from a private vehicle the same as shutting down certain newspapers?

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The Suffragettes wanted to expand and improve democracy. The Extinctionists wish to destroy Parliament and replace it with a modern day Soviet - a Citizens Assembly.