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My theory is that the Calvacada create Eternal Refuge when they fully merge. Ferial figured it out from what Rulebook said, and now he may actually help RC in indirect ways. We'll see.

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Wow- That was me! I posted that link to the Halopedia article on the Precursor! Woot! It was my second post here, under #126 - Armistice. Unfortunately my ID logon messed up, so the post isn't under this profile. I still used the name "Miriax" though. :)
Ah well, I'm honored to have had a hand in shaping this comic, even inadvertently. Keep up the good work Jim.
Also: How is the Machine going to help RC get the trapped Calvacada? It sounds to me like he's powerless.

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Did I or did I not nail this one on the head several weeks ago? The Precursor. Oh yeah!
Now that I have that out of my system, how is it that Ferial is the last Precursor, but we haven't seen any Forerunner? Did Ferial hunt them down or something?

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Say, is there any way Reclaimer could get some armor upgrades or repairs off of the Mercyhoard?
What species can transmute itself into data? AI? Or were the Forerunner so advanced that they simply ported their memories/conscious into the Mercyhoard? But the Machine mentions "spreading their infection," which doesn't bring to mind Forerunner. Is there some significant species in this Haloverse's past which we don't know about, which would encompass Ferial and the Calvacada?
Also, I'd like to point out the possibility of other Mercyhoardes. The Machine says "such an archive," which suggests that there may be others.

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Not bad. Maybe differ the font a little, and make the names appear instantly rather than be typed out, and you'd have something rather like the Mendicant Bias logs in Halo 3. That's the look you're going for, right? Good work.

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Is protocol 754 (from the last comic) a reference to IEEE-754 double-precision floating point numbers? Or the HTTP protocol, UDP 754? Either way, it's a computer protocol, and such a protocol NOT being in effect would render information unusable, in, oh say a "soup". =)
I've been noting that it seems Rulebook is having several different conversations at once, with a new sentence for each conversation appearing every comic. Am I near the mark with any of this?

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Another thought: What is Eternal Refuge?
We all know the Forerunners loved to name things with the formula "Fancy Adjective, Noun", ie Guilty Spark, High Charity, Mendicant Bias, etc.
Is Eternal Refuge a place, a ship, an AI...? It almost seems as though Ferial's talking about a place of "everlasting sanctuary", as opposed to a Forerunner artifact.
Jim, your choice of fonts makes this complicated. Everything is in capitals, so is it Eternal Refuge, or eternal refuge? Arg.

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First time posting for me...

Wait, could Ferial be the Originators? (Not sure if that's the right word; the people who came BEFORE the Forerunners) Ferial seems to be older than even the Forerunner, especially if the Flood was created by Ferial. How far back into the history of this Haloverse are we going, Jim?