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Get used to the big " O " deciding what when where and HOW you will do it as he has his way with you and me and the rest of America.Either thru legislation rammmed down our throats or thru the international courts ( yes its comming ,wait and see ). Junk science is just part of fact for these goons.They have made the argument so one sided they dont even try to debate the facts.The new tactic is to just say we have moved beyond the debate and its fact.We need to do the same with all twenty directions this administration is taking us.We also have to fight liberal republicans that drink the same cool aid.

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I believe another case under the same situation was awarded to the minority ( in this case white ) fireman because he scored higher than all the other color minority firemen.I was going thru the testing for the City fire department but had to decide that my current job was better as far as pay and future.Bad decision as Im now fighting to find a job and then even dealing with the City policy of fairness ( or anti white ) I may have been able to transfer to another department outside of the city

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Term limits YES ! ! ! But dont forget to repeal the politicians life PENSION along with the term limit.Last thing we need is more and more BAD politicans with a nice check from you and me after serving one term.Im not going to pay for that ! ! ! !

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Your not making any sense Guy.The report is almost a verbatim account of a speach obama gave when he slamed people in Pennslyvania for clinging to their god and guns during hard times.As if we are all militia members wanting to harm people we disagree with when things get tough.RUSH had it right when today he made that connection.Read the report and read obamas remarks.Almost one in the same.Conservative desent is extreamisum and the weather underground is paitriotic ??????? As for mcveigh HANG HIM HIGH ! ! !

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Charles dont be alarmed. Liberals and the leftist media are going to have to understand and get it soon.This is not something that will go away. We are the people that will educate and show how this out of controll government is so out of line that they better get it together or they will be voted out.We will tell others how wrong and messed up this administration is in it's direction and as they fail we will be proven right.WE NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELFS WITH THE TRUTH AND TEACH OTHERS..Reading the books that Glen has recomended is key to knowing our history and our foundation.The most important document is the constitution that gives us the right to run this country.Politicians serve us ! ! !

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You need to understand the truth one day.The seperation of powers that the clinton administration had in place didnt let the CIA and FBI confer with eachother.They were in competition with eachother and couldnt put the pieces together and thats what led to 911.The scum like mcvey and anyone like him and the KKK and anyone else that would harm anyone in this country to further there view is scum and should be HUNG from a tree in the middle of times square on national tv.You need to stop drinking from the fountian of cool aid.Bush expanded the powers to fight terror and was called a nut stealing our rights.NOW the current president is keeping the right to do so and fighting for it after he said it was over reaching and un American.So tell me what is right and wrong.

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Governors, Congressmen, Senators and a number of president's got us into this mess! ! ! Thats why we are here silly, we are tired of all their nonsense and want them to get in shape or ship out.We the people are who are supposed to run this thing.They work for US.It has become the other way around.We work for them and they live like kings and make bad laws that make you and I the down trotten.Go check your 401k and tell me you think they are doing a fine job.

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Your not a threat to the new administration if your a leftist terrorist group like the weather underground !!! If you have fund raising partys in the home of a known unrepentent domestic terrorist who wishes he had done more, thats ok also.If you go to a black seperatist church that preaches the devil is the white man thats ok also.If you bow to the king of a muslim country and not to the Queen of England your not a muslim.Your new director of home land security comes from a state that is number TWO in kidnaping and calls returning home vet's a danger that might start right wing malitia groups.AND THEY CALL US NUTS ?? WHAT THE HECK AM I MISSING HERE.

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I saw that live on Glens show and Mr. Buckner went totaly white !! I was watching Glen and he was watching David and when I looked at David he was trying to talk and I thought man hes turned white as a ghost and Glen was already reaching out to grab him.Just perfect as he was describing the debt all stuffed into the governments last refuge.It was like OMG we are screwed..............bam on the floor.Good thing he's alright,great guy !!

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Who is advocating violence ? Thats the last thing we need and it will be headline news all around the world and all of the opperatives working for osama will have a field day with us.They are already calling us a fringe group and spoil sports because our canadate lost.PFFFT I didnt like McCain before and like him even less now as a politician.The only thing he has said or done in the last six months worth wile was SARAH.
World's largest national citizen arrest ! ! ! Im in, Barny, Reid and Pelosi FIRST.