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This is it folks. September seems to be the deadline for kissing our freedoms goodbye IN A GLOBAL WAY. The libs have all of us where they want us, helpless. It will take a overwhelming show of opposision to stop this and I do not think enough people have it in them to stand up and go to Washington. Too many people I talk to say they are against all this climate change/cap and trade and health care reform yet none of them have even taken the time to make a phone call or write an e-mail to their representitives. They are part of the problem and have no ambition to protect what freedoms they have before it is too late. Not to mention all the folks I know are scared to death to stand out for fear of reprecutions from the government. I have been relentless in my avid opposition to these attacks on our liberty but in this state I feel I am truly alone. Yeah, we survived Carter but I think the O will be much more devastating. How did we ever come to this.

Please let me know I am not alone