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I found Gone With the Wind at my grandmother's house when I was about 10, and she would wait until I set it down to do something and then hide it. I'd find it every time and read a little more. I think she finally let me actually finish it when i was 13 or so.

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My aunt took me to see Anything Goes when Sutton Foster was in it. It was my first time seeing a show in New York and I almost cried I loved it so much. She is magnetic and wonderful and it's a tragedy Bunheads is no longer on the air.

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his little floatie!!!!

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My mom dressed up the decorative duck in the yard in a graduation robe when I graduated from law school. She put a sign on it that read "Juris Ducktor."

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Ugh, y'all. I've been rejected from like 3 jobs this week and I just need a nap and some hint of lime tostitos. i am still incredulous that my job search has been going on for A YEAR. sending good vibes to all the other toasties job searching now, something's going to turn up soon for us.

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I'm looking for a job right now (have been for like 6 months- SUPER FUN). I went on one interview that I had to drive ~5 hours to. The people who interviewed me took me out to lunch then showed me apartments (!!) and then I never heard anything from them ever again. I am imagining them in their office now having all of these conversations.

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LONG time reader, but first time commenting. I'm really excited and inspired to work on these book covers. I started reading HP when I was 12, so I have loved reading your reviews and getting to be a part of you reading these books that have been so important to me.

I used to draw/design all the time, but I'm now in law school (blech) and not only does it take up all of my time, but it's put a pretty severe drain on my creativity too. I have something to look forward to working on once exams are over!

Thanks again, and I can't wait to get to work :)