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It certainly was a great night on the Island, and I wish Geof all the best for the future there.
The venue was smashing as were the people who attended, it was certainly a pleasure to meet them all and to know that the Isle of Wight has a strong group of dedicated nationalists eager to see the best done for the Island.

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My Captain my Captain, I see your test and raise you an OK.
Congratulations on gaining your seat.

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Nice one Joey well done, a very moving song indeed.

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Congratulations to both Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons on a victory well deserved.

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Well done Corsham.
Christians generally abide by the civil laws. They pay taxes, register cars, births, marriages and deaths etc. In fact often don't recognise common law marriage accepting only marriages that have been registered with the registry office as valid. So when professing Christians and clergy have no problems with those elements of our society; and even sit in the House of Lords when they reach a certain level, it seems daft that members of a political party should be banned from holding positions within the church.
Seeing as common sense obviously doesn't play a part in their reasoning for making such a rule, foul play of the leftist kind has to be afoot here.
I just hope that more switched on Christians will see the light and do something constructive on June 4th such as vote BNP, rather than carry on along the self destructive path that the Arch Bishops would have them follow.

Well done Corsham for taking such an initiative as you have done.

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Having just read PaulinPortsmouth's comment, let me tell you who’s reading this, that both recruitment and activism will be moving up a notch or two soon in the Portsmouth area.
So if anyone out there wants to get in touch, go back to the main page and click on contacts, from there look up the details for the Southeast Region, and then get in contact.
We're an approachable bunch of people, so whenever you want to get in contact is just fine with us. I'll look forward to hearing from you.