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For the question I would simply tell them they don't know what the word charity means. And second, there was a lot of Jesus talk earlier that sort of annoyed me. I'm catholic, but believing in this end-times stuff ,and following the bible blindly, is exactly the wrong thing to do. The bible is man-made, but God is eternal. Believe in your God-given rights, but also believe that you create your own path and can change the world. So instead of taking the bible literally, interpret it into something real and meaningful that can help you on becoming the best version of yourself.

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This is really getting annoying. Everyone is saying, "People need to wake up, people are being abused by the government, people feel like they don't control their lives". WE GET IT ALREADY. Just tell me what I can do about it. Honestly, if every single person, besides government workers, went to the whitehouse and protested, and the government officials didn't agree with us, they could probably tell us they'll do something to calm us down and never actually change whatever it is their doing. i understand that I'm not really contributing anything with this post, I just want people to stop with the whining and give us something we can really use.