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Is there any new works of Tsuya-Tsuya and/or Kemonono? I really like the works of those authors, but lately I couldn't find anything new of them.

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I was reading this and I imagined the girl with longer hair and I was like... OMFG she looks like my girlfriend!!!

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Yeah, it seems HFH was hacked by someone the owner "trusted". It was a fucking backstab!!!

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I was about ask for that matter too... weird...

Hentai frol hell hacked?

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Yeah you are right Oliver, it's just I can't believe how the author could make such a horrible translation... It's... argh, like my eyes are bleeding...

Where is the "my head is full of shit" meme when you need it?

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If I'm correct you are right, "mune" means chest/breast, so "ane no..." is "...of sister"... Yep "sister's breast" would be a decent translation

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Well, maybe I'm just negating the evidence, maybe I have too faith in mankind, maybe I'm just a fucking irresponsable egoist.

But hell, I'm just another fuking jobless spanish, who can't find a fucking job unless I leave my country, I just had to move to my parent's house because I couldn't pay the bills and lost about 20 kg in 3 fucking months because I could barelly buy enough food to eat properly. I've gone through a fucking depression due to that, and now I'm a fucking bargain to my family who barelly can... how can I translate the phrase "llegar a fin de mes"? maybe just a literal translation: arrive to the end of the month.

How do you expect Spain worries about this matter when there are more of 5,6 millions of unemployeds (26% of unemployment... or is a 30%) and 1 millions can eat thanks to Caritas Internationalis? We are just trying to survive!!! And our politics are a fucking bunch of thiefs who will do nothing to give a proper solution to this situation.

Well, I can just give up, take my father's shotgun kill my whole family and then blow up my fucking head!!! Is that what you want? Well NO THANKS!

Maybe it's just thanks to the fact I want to see the glass half empty I haven't done that already.

Signed: a fucking unemployed spanish trying to survive and watching porn just to make his miserable life a little easier to suffer.

Edit: If you are french maybe you will understand me... Sarkozy used us as an example of what will happen to France if Hollande wins...

Edit 2: Oh fuck, just after this depressing post this just cheered me up and made my day.

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I'm starting to think we are speaking of different energies.
-You are talking of the energy used to breed animals in a farm.
-I'm talking about the energy used by your own body to process the food and transform it into energy.
And the fact you say of only eat vegetables and no problem is false. A lot of vegetarians (if not all of them) have to take nutritional supplements due to the lack of aminoacids, vitamins and proteins which can't be found in vegetables and are necessary for the human body. Did you know those nutritional supplements are made with (drums) MEAT? Yes, the vitamins, proteins and aminoacids from the meat and your body needs.
And I can say that because I've studied medicine (at least 3 years), so yes, I can speak properly about what's healthy and what's not.

But eating only meat it's not healthy either. A healthy diet must have both, vegetables and meat in the correct proportions. Fish, eggs, bread, and fresh fruit too. Those are all good.

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I have a driver's license, but I don't have my own car...
I use the bycicle because thank to that I lost 20Kg in six months. Cheaper, faster if there is a traffic jam, no polution... for a small city is the best.

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