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The Catholic church sure makes itself an easy target, and to think, it takes itself so seriously!

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It does make sense that theists would want to attribute all good qualities entirely to there religion, and like to believe there would be a moral void without it.

I recently got a response from on my blog "what's the difference between eating a banana and eating my two year old daughter?" They're both just a particular configuration of chemicals, right?"

Why is killing babies such a popular way to diminish morals without God?

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Science can deal with the existence of god just as it can the existence of fireflies or faeries - by looking at the evidence.

Austin Cline has a pretty good article dealing with this:

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Thanks for adding me to the blogroll Mojoey, and for the welcome Jack. To modify a christian mantra, If it even saves just one soul from a life of ignorance and irrational thought it will have been worth it. I'm getting way ahead of myself there though!

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Congratulations! Looks Like Mississippi also wins for No. 1 LOWEST IQ with an impressive 94.2. I wonder if the two statistics are somehow related?..... :P

Check out my most recent post on CureFaith for Religion vs IQ by State statistics.