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Great Video The Making of Formula Rosa at #Ferrari World: The world’s fastest roller coaster, speeds of 240 kmph

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From October 1st it isn't allowed so sent e-mails to companies, organisations or consumers without an e-mail register with double opt-in and double opt-out system. It isn't allowed to use old databases without asking everybody to opt-in agian and after that confirmation by e-mail (double opt-in).

If you want more information i can give you some links of Dutch sites with big discussion on this subject. These rules are the same for press-releases !!!

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Great article, but in the Netherlands e-mail campaigns are probably dead. New rules make it pretty difficult.

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Saving energy and helping others with that and spreading these tips:

and this video around the world:

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Merry Christmas to you all:

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Keep on this discussion. This is the first time anybody in politics is really open for suggestions. Although i'm not in the USA, i'll be a fan of Barack Obama. Real change is never easy. So it is important that more and more people are convinced about the way to go. That will be another than before. Nothing to compare with, because it will be the first time in history that change is needed on so many subjects.

My support to Barack Obama is taking part in the discussion, everywhere on the internet. My wish is that he and his team will succeed and will lead the world to a sustainable society, with renewable energy, electric cars, good education, healtcare, house, jobs and respect for each other. We are so rich, it is just a matter of vision, power and some money to end poverty. In the USA and in the World. So herewith a like to ask President-elect Barack Obama and his team to watch to this video. Please listen to this little girl. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Erik van Erne, Milieunet Foundation, the Netherlands.