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Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen doesn't have to make any statement to cause the rakyat to hate BN - BN itself has proved itself more than capable every day of generating hate against itself. Almost every action or statement by one of its ministers or sycophants causes not only distaste for BN, but provides the cause for much raucous laughter and amusement across the country. What's ever sadder for them is that they don't even realise it!

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What he really means is to re-write history to bolster his so-called legacy. Sorry Tun, its not going to work. Today's new generations have the Internet and a much wider choice of reading available to give them a better understanding of history and current affairs. Go and retire quietly somewhere and leave the country to develop rather than regress into a feudal dictatorship.

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Utusan Malaysia still being described as a NEWSpaper? There is nothing NEW about UM, the scribes populating the pathetic rag are an insult to anyone who puts pen to paper, whatever they do. To call them "journalists" is an insult to true journalists world-wide. These gutter writers have no integrity, no professionalism nor common sense either, or they would be working on a reputable paper doing what a journalist should be doing - writing intelligently, investigating and producing true, balanced and well-written articles. This will never happen at UM!

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I sympathise with these poor BN YBs, but they should know by now their fate and yet they continue to help the BN regime to plunder the country. On the other hand, their grouses epitomise the BN mentality. They always expect some goodies in return for their efforts in helping to perpetuate the rape and pillage. Its not about serving their constituents or the rakyat generally, its always about "whats in it for me". Typical!

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This rotting rag continues to spew venom and vomit in its pathetic attempts to divide the nation. By vilifying an "ungrateful" chinese community, it is doing the very opposite of what its lame duck masters in BN keep telling us is their objective of creating a "harmonious" and "unified" nation. With friends like Utusan Malaysia, who in BN needs enemies!

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Seriously, is it any wonder that after 30+ years of the NEP, where the Malays get every advantage going - discounts on this quotas on that - that the Chinese have to work doubly hard and become more dynamic. They also feel resentment that they are treated as second class citizens in their own land, having done much to ensure the prosperity of the nation. Is it not natural that this resentment that has built up over generations now manifests itself in discrimination against those who have all the advantages simply by dint of their birth and religion? Come on, seriously?

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This commission (of one person) is totally out of touch. Only now, after so long, it is "mulling" or "considering" opening an investigation! Far too little, far too late! Just shut up shop and save the taxpayers some money!

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As someone else has suggested, those in power in Sabah are like a bunch of adolescent children in a playground. None of them have the common sense they were born with and spend their entire sorry lives making decisions that are devoid of even the basic common sense and then retracting those decisions, blaming someone else for making the decisions, or worse still, denying that any decision was made in the first place! Utterly pathetic!

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I'm sorry Mr PM, but the election WAS stolen. Gerrymandering of constituency boundaries alone is enough, regardless of other irregularities that have been pointed out ad infinutum to the sycophantic EC. If the national constituencies were more equal, and in line with the current election legislation, then PR would now be ruling in Putrajaya. You know it and so does the majority of the population. For once in your life, be a man and speak the truth.

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In a country where two thirds of the population are muslim, how on earth can Islam be in any danger? The only danger it is in is if the muslims continue to support and condone the haram practices of the BN/UMNO thieves. Stirring up religious fear like this is so lame and we can all see what a facade it is to cover up their wrong-doings which will be exposed when PR takes over in Putrajaya. I can't wait!