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As I've said before, see the work of Professor Carl Heneghan, Dr Sunetra Gupta, Dr Martin Kulldorff and Dr Anders Tegnell.

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Mr Goodman, like most Western commentators is highly ignorant of Japan. No lockdown, no mass PCR testing, no closing of the borders - Covid deaths: less than 3,500 for a population of over 120 million.

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'I cannot think of a single lifestyle or cultural reason to want us to be more like Japan.'

I'm not surprised by this. People of your political persuasion are usually quite content with drug use, mass migration and childbirth outside wedlock. However, I'm not and many others aren't either, and I'd merely like for the commentariat to at least acknowledge that there are alternatives.

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Covid, like so many issues that affect Western societies such as drug use, mass migration, childbirth outside wedlock, is another menace the commentariat believe there is no alternative to and which supposedly no developed country can avoid.

However, there is an exception when it comes to tackling drug use, mass migration and births outside marriage as well as covid that they overlook time and time again: Japan.

No lockdown, total population 126.5 million, less than 3000 covid deaths.

There is an alternative. Always was.

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'How about we do a proper lock down - none of this voluntary stuff with no real sanctions if you don't follow the rules'

And how would you enforce this? Don't think the country has enough police to be sat outside the houses of all the people who have tested positive for 24 hours a day.

And what about those who catch the virus and are completely asymptomatic, haven't downloaded the silly app, don't get a test and therefore never know they had the disease whilst they continue to spread it?

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Too late. The virus is now endemic in this country, as you well know.

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The vaccine does not prevent you from catching the disease or spreading it; it merely alleviates the symptoms apparently.

Now of those women who are child-bearing age, unless they have a severe comorbidity, it is almost certain that if they catch the virus they will develop no symptoms or mild symptoms at worse. The risk to people like Mr Renison in not having the vaccine is virtually nil.

Therefore, the guidance from MRHA should stand.

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Could you provide a link please?

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This pandemic has certainly washed out the sinister authoritarians amongst us.

Some reading for you on the efficacy of masks:

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Never claimed he was physician, virologist or epidemiologist, though all the other I mentioned in my original comment are. According to his Linkedin profile he was the Chief scientific officer for the allergy and respiratory group you talk about. If in your very high standards that makes him a 'middle ranking scientist' - a completely subjective term - then so be it.