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9/11 was the start of my awakening as well. I was never really liberal, but I was never political. When the attacks happened, I was a senior at Ball State. Throughout the week, some classes were cancelled, others weren't. I went to those that were still in session.

It was when I went to my first drama class the Friday after the attacks that I realized the difference in worldview. Some say the demonizing of GW Bush ceased only temporarily after the attacks. Believe me when I say that NEVER stopped on a college campus. I remember a girl THAT DAY proclaiming that the one benefit of the terrorist attacks was that all of the planes were grounded, thus giving us a "clear blue sky". Thousands of people lost their lives and this selfish hippie was showing how "open-minded" she really was.

Ten years later, the world still looks just as dangerous. Not just because it has terrorists and thugocracies, but because there are those among us who still believe we can "reason" with such people. Sadly, there are lecture halls filled with such "negotiators".

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GLAAD is surpassing PETA in full-on liberal insanity...and it's not like PETA has been holding back any less on the stupid.

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Never gets old, but he would think such sentiment as intrinsically paternalistic.

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If you loot and destroy other people's property because your benefits are cut? You're a terrorist.

I am not joking.

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"George, he comes from a very dysfunctional family, a horrific childhood. It was hard for him to accept that someone would give him the gift of life."

It's a telling quote. George loathes himself so much that he can't even be grateful for such a gift. I'm sorry the guy's had a rough life, but George should use that as a barometer on how to treat or not treat people. Instead, he uses it to make excuses and continues to act like an ass.

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The government spends and spends and spends, and we're the ones who are trying to attain utopia?

Oh, and by the way, the Dow plunged over 500 points today with unemployment numbers out tomorrow. These idiots at MSNBC think there might be a connection?

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Well done.

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When did he say ‘intrinsically paternalistic’? All I heard is "MATT! DAY! MON!"

By the way, he got his liberalism from his mom. Is his worldview "intrinsically maternalistic"? I mean, he's been a real mother lately...

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In economics?

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If you're getting your news from a comedian, you're only there for the laugh track.