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Maybe you want to play the game but it's a rigged game that we as decent people can't win. It is loaded in the favor of the left and crony capitalists. You want to lionize crooks and thieves, I don't. Honesty is like virginity, either you have it or you don't. Im honest and expect conservatives to be honest too. From the looks of it you have no problem with theft and dishonesty, why is that? Are you less than honest?

You whine about playing the game with the left. It isn't a game it's deadly serious and we must win. But winning on their terms makes us no different from them. I want to destroy them, not play with them. We destroy them by cutting off their money, fools like Pickens are feeding the beast that is killing us. I want to see them bankrupt, in prison or dead.

You sling fool around a lot, from what I've read of your work in this thread you meet all the criteria.

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You have the fool comment aimed the wrong way there buddy. You should reserve that word for yourself. You aren't winning friends and influencing people with your snotty, superior "I'm right and you're all fools" attitude. You are oprating under some critical misconceptions, first you assume that both sides, right and left want cheap, safe and abundant energy. You ought to have learned over the last 20 or so years that the left does not want any energy development. Just look at the fracking issue created out of whole clothby the left to stop development of domestic energy. Every time something new comes along that promises more abundant and cheaper energy, the left raises the bar to stop development. If the left was intellectually honest they would be in the streets demanding more nuclear plants but they will never do that.

The worst thing that you have a huge blind spot about is your assumption that Pickens and the rest pay to play donations are right. Crony capitalism is never right and it is surely not capitalism. Hopefully Pickens and Buffet and the rest will feel the error of their ways one day in a very harsh and final fashion. In short I hope they die broke, disgraced and in prison.

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Doesn't it get old repeating the same post over and over or do you just copy and paste?

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What's the differnce between you and the spoiled little fools who voted for Perot instead of Bush in 1992? Can you answer that?

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Good that you said Jesus comes first. Now take the next step and realize that your vote has consequences. Voting for the enablers of abortion, voting for the enslavers of blacks is wrong if you truly believe. Therefore you need to look at yourself and decide what you do believe. You seem to have a problem with Romney as a Mormon. Let me ask you, would you rather have a Mormon or an atheist or maybe Moslem as president? And I am no fan of Romney either,, he is a poor choice but so much better than what he have now.

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You speak of voting liberal on economic matters as if that vote is entirely separate and distinct from a vote for a supporter of abortion. The problem with your idea is that one goes with the other. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for abortion. For example, Bart Stupak, who went against everything he had promised his constituents and voted for the abortion rich health care bill. It cost him his career and his so-called principles but he did it without a second thought because his masters needed his vote.

You can't have it both ways, either you support the new holocaust and vote Democrat or you vote your beliefs and vote for the mostly anti-abortion party. You can't weasel your way into Heaven. Realize that we are in a struggle to the death, either theirs or ours will the forces of evil personified by the Democrat party. They are not nice, good, decent or anything else. If you vote for them then you are like them.

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Don't be pedantic, you know full well that the Bible has nothing in it that states that voting Democrat is a sin. You're just showing your true colors by even saying that. God recognizes that we are all imperfect and imperfectable. But there are things we do, choices we make that are very good indicators of just how we believe. For instance voting for a candidate or party that actively promotes abortion. If you vote Democrat, you are comitting a sin because of their very pro-abortion platform.

We are all sinners but there are easy sins to avoid. Murder is one, voting Democrat is another. You seem to have a hard on about Romney because he is a Mormon. Would you not agree that he is a better man than Obama? He is far from perfect but I will vote with a clean conscience for him.

In short, if you vote Democrat, either you cannot be a Christian or you are sinning against God.

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Look, you are just arguing for the sake of arguement here. Your whole premise is invalid because you refuse to realize that voting is a personal deed. It is an action in which you show your willingness to abide by God's word. If you vote for a Democrat you show that your faith has no meaning to you. You can talk faith all you want but when you have a chance to live that faith by voting anti-Democrat you have shown your true colors. In short it is impossible to vote for Democrats and really believe in God.

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I'm not sure what happened but my forst reply was eaten so I'll try again. I am sorry that I replied in anger and said some things that I shouldn't have. Thank you for your apology and I accept it. You are a better man than many on here.

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Thank you for the apology and it is accepted. Speaking for myself, being called that is the worst thing you can say and the most untrue. I'm sorry about the disgusting and voted for the current system.