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That's exactly the opposite of what I said, actually... Are you sure you really read the post? I explicitly said religion won't help.

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You could look at it that way. But the idea that God only helps those who helps themselves has two problems:

1. That's absolutely nowhere to be found in the Bible.

2. That's absolutely identical to God not existing.

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The photo they used appeared in the Daily Mail a while back and is copyrighted by the AP. What are the chances that Fox actually licensed it rather than just lifting it, considering no copyright notice for the photo appeared in the Fox article?

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I just got a strong TimeCube vibe from you...

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Nope - no file system at all. Those three Winhex screenshots are all the 'file system' you get:

information about how many images there are, what kind of disc they are, and how many sectors each one uses metadata about the game (several consecutive 512-byte blocks the raw ISO images themselves, consecutive and aligned at 0x100000 (image number * size of BD50 disk)

Believe me, I tried the easy way :) No luck.

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For the small things, the amount of information in biological systems (i.e. DNA in a living cell) is enormous and the odds of the first self-replicating cell starting on its own without an intelligent creator is practically zero. One estimate is one in 10 to the 2000th power. That's a decimal point followed by 1999 zeroes, then a one. Keep in mind there are 10 to the 70 molecules in the known universe.
"Predicting" events that have already happened is pointless. Imagine the number of atoms in any given grain of sand. Now, imagine the number of possible ways those atoms could be arranged. What are the chances that they'd just happen to be in the arrangement they're in, without an intelligent design? Practically zero. And yet... trillions of grains of sand, no intelligent sand-maker.

Think of the number of sperm any male of reproductive age will produce in his lifetime. Now think of how many eggs the average woman has in her body. Multiply those together. Then multiply those by the number of generations we've seen just going back to the first anatomically modern humans some 200,000 years ago. What are the chances that all those sperm-egg pairs would match up and result in you? Practically zero. And yet... here you are.

Moreover, anyone who claims to know the chances of a self-reproducing cell forming is lying, considering that no human being knows what those chances are.For the big things, fine tuning in the universe is pretty darn impressive. So much so that the most recent atheistic origin of life researchers I've read are talking about there must be something on the order of 10 to the tens of thousand power of parallel universes. A tiny problem is that the evidence for parallel universes is a little hard to find.
Fine tuned for what, exactly? The universe is better designed for producing black holes than it is for producing life. Something on the order of 99.999999999999999999...% of the universe would kill any living thing instantly.

Bottom line, the numbers don't add up for the universe and life to be here without an intelligent designer.
Nope. Bottom line, the evidence points to an undesigned universe where life arose by chance.

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"Seems to me that there should be room in this infinite universe for different approaches and thought. "

1. The universe is finite.

2. There is only one reality, and different approaches to it are not all equally valid. There are right and wrong answers. Psychic nonsense is one of the wrong ones.

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"Scientific standards are always changing. The earth was the center of the universe; leeches were used as cures."

And now we've LEARNED THINGS. This is why our understanding changes.

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"It's easy to denigrate another person's view of quantum physics without proving you know anything about it yourself."

Your beliefs about scientific concepts are utterly irrelevant. All perspectives are not equally valuable.

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How myopic of you! Let's see how your tone changes when they start trying to make creationism required learning in all public schools, like many are trying to do in the US.