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Absolutely loving it. Who come out with the stupid phrase you can't have your cake and eat it.I am on cloud nine eating a whole "death by chocolate " cake and i am eyeing up what's for desert!!!!! lol Get in there .

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Fantastic story , a very enjoyable read.I would love to read similar articles by other members.Well done Titvs.

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About time the indigneous squirrel fought back lol.

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I was at the old Midlands hotel in Birmingham last year and trevor philips and his cronies were holding a meeting, i laughed out loud when i noticed the spelling of the word "equality " on the door of their suite. They had spelt it wrong missing a letter out altogether.They can't spell it or by the looks of it act upon it or understand it.

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they should throw bacon ,sausage ,beans and toast at Nick too.That would be a full English, something they clearly are not lol!

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can't obviously disclose info due to laws ,but i can say that in South Birmingham things are looking pretty good at our verification counts.

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Who is the handsome chap posing in front of the Bnp bill board?B)

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I haven't bought the Sun since April 15th 1989,the disgusting lies they printed about the Hillsborough disaster still affect me even today.Absolute gutter press.The non stories are coming thick and fast.
I read one story printed recently about " Bnp leaflet found in a library" ; "police called over bnp sticker on coin" ; Nick Griffin ate my hamster" . They are so desperate just goes to show how well we are doing.

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It was physically demanding but extremely rewarding to see 29 million leaflets ready for delivery.
People travelled from all over. N and S Wales, Birmingham, black country, nottingham,London, somerset,Solihull,Wolverhampton and many other places.One last thing to say - thankyou!

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Gutted i missed this evening ,i was in Merseyside on the day. I Look forward to the Birmingham one coming soon.Could you drop me a line with some details so i can spread the word and share the details.