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It seems to have become proper to bash American Unions and blame the evils of several businesses sectors on them, and I disagree that they have outlived their usefulness. Our foreign based industries that operate here in U.S. do not have the same protections or benefits that our unions have fought for and they are derailing our American industrial businesses by offering buckets of money to congress in their operating states in order to help break the unions and make their competitors disappear. I think we need to take a step back and do a bit of research to see how much good unions do for America's workforce. Please take a look at these links: http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1678.html,and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_unions_in_the_United_States,and http://www.uwstout.edu/cas/socsci//tyson/laborhis.htm. Do a little research to see who is pushing to destroy the UAW contracts with the Big 3 and follow the money.

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I tried opening the pdf through two programs, Adobe and Readiris but it doesn't work.

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I've worked 20 yrs in a state agency that licenses elementary & secondary public school teachers and ensures the integrity & quality in the preparation, conduct and growth of the educators who serve public schools. I've seen a lot of money and effort poured into creating "better" teachers through the promotion of college/university programs, but not a lot of successfully organized effort at the local program levels. I believe everything that can be done to improve and enhance student learning and success SHOULD be done.
At first glance, the KIPP model seems to achieve success with at least 95% of it's student populations. I'd like to see examples of curriculum models and detailed planning before making additional judgements. Very Promising!
IT NOTE: I'm glad I have a program on my computer that allows me to reformat documents; please scan landscape docs in landscape view for the public. Thanks!

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I saw Damon's interview on CNN yesterday and loved it. I also saw him interview V.E. Joe Biden during the primary season. Damon has a lot of ambition and it needs to be nurtured and fed with positive enforcement. I hope P.E. Obama gives him an interview.

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Part 2.
In addition to the Big 3 retooling for HSR, they along with small automotive and auto engineering companies should begin a switch/trade off program with all states to change their public and commercial transportation vehicles such as city and school buses, taxi cabs, delivery trucks & commuter vans over to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The technology already exists and is currently being used here in CA, but not widely used enough. We need to build thousands of CNG fueling stations across America along with switching over all public and commercial transportation vehicles. The CNG stations should be built to include the wiring for future cars that will be battery driven. This project will put people back to work immediately. Please read about CNG here http://http://www.consumerenergycenter.org/transportation/afvs/cng.htmland promote the switch over so we can put people back to work and immediately begin to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Congress should immediately put safeguards in place and distribute the loan money. They can then work with the Obama Administration to retool at least one division of each auto plant to immediately begin manufacturing the rails, rail cars, engines, etc. to build our much needed High-Speed Railways (HSR). Obama and Biden can have the Governors of states like CA, FL, IL and other Mid and Northwestern regions that have already been working with transportation engineers and have plans ready to go, to put out Request for Proposals (RFP). The states can begin to get their construction, transportation, education/training, fleet & city service companies prepared for hiring thousands of workers across the nation. Please read about HSR here http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail_in_the_United_Statesand help to push implementation as soon as possible.

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Amen - I believe most of America would welcome the building and use of high speed rail (HSR). We voted yes for it here in CA. Putting it above ground is an even better thought; more room for walking and biking lanes. Oh Happy Day!

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I have a PC and the link works fine for me.

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Bravo Diamond CA! We need these issues brought to the front of the room instead of sitting in the closet behind the door marked abstinence and celibacy!

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I'm not pro life or pro abortion. I am WHOLE LIFE!
I believe that both pro groups need to come together and create an agenda that helps to negate the need for abortion through a variety of partnerships that will educate the American people. We must end the culture versus religion wars on this issue in order to work together.

In America, every human being has a right to their religious beliefs, but cannot demand that laws are created or followed based on those beliefs. This would allow every religion in America to dictate the specifics of various laws. Our separation of church and state policies help to balance the civil rights structures within our country.

We must work together to promote an educated electorate that has knowledge of all options concerning procreation, reproductive rights, sexual development, abstinence, contraceptives, all forms of adoption, parenting and child care. Informed people tend to make better long-term choices for themselves, instead of acting out of fear or desparation.