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I think Islam needs reform, not eradication. I think it can be done, but there's a lot of convincing of the masses that is needed.
My recent post Don’t Worry- Martin Bashir Sarah Palin Isn’t Going to Jail

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I wondered why he compared NRB to Bolsheviks rather than fascists, as is the usual leftist MO. Then I saw that he in fact likes fascists and it became clear.

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"Yeah, I have to give them this much, even a great many of the ones that are liberals don't all necessarily tow the leftist progressive line one hundred percent."

I guess. I haven't met any yet, so I couldn't say.

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"My point is that there is a lot to the conservative movement and ideals that should appeal to pagans on the grounds of personal freedom, independence, and liberty."

I've been studying up on paganism over the past couple months, and if there's anything I've learned about it, it's how individualistic it seems. The ability to choose for yourself how you wish to believe, based on what makes the most sense to you - and without anybody forcing you to fall in line with the "chosen" system - is very much in line with what conservatives or Republicans believe.

You'd think the Wiccans would come to the same conclusion, but for them I think it's more their tree-hugging beliefs that make them leftist than anything else. Though there are a minority of Wiccans who have mixed it and conservative beliefs.

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The Borg vs. the Federation are basically a future version of the kind of things George Orwell wrote about.

There is a strain of leftism that aims for a more progressive/communistic society without the totalitarianism. Whether that's a realistic view, given the typical MO of the left, is up for debate, but it's out there.

Don't forget that even with his warnings about totalitarianism, George Orwell was still a staunch socialist.

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He did a couple days ago: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/us/politics/09king.html?_r=2&hp

"I understand why people who are misinformed might see a parallel. The fact is, the I.R.A. never attacked the United States. And my loyalty is to the United States."

In that case, I can think of a lot of Islamist terrorist groups that have never attacked the United States. Yet no serious person would simply brush them off.

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I think the hearings are an important thing. But I'd take them a lot more seriously if Peter King stopped defending the Irish Republican Army, itself a terrorist group.

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Really? Martin is praising Bush, and you go after him for using a term in a way that probably meant the first definition in your quote?

There are definitely ethno-nationalist black power folks in America, but I'm just not seeing that here.

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"Not to mention Daily Kos listing the same politician as a target on his blog."

This was actually one of the first attacks I saw. Conservatives were screaming "conspiracy" at Kos, because they pulled that article. Then Sarah Palin and Jesse Kelly started pulling articles too, and those people had to shut up.

Luckily or not, liberals far exceeded the stupidity level, so conservatives look great in comparison.

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Your argument is correct, but I'm getting sick of all the "he favored Karl Marx" stuff. Many conservatives keep picking out it and Mein Kampf from the list, and ignoring Rand, Orwell, and the others.

People keep calling this attack apolitical, but I think that's too simplistic as well. I think there certainly was a political element to this attack, even if it was only understood by Loughner himself.

We often spend far too much time trying to define people. If we can't do it easily, if they don't fit into pre-defined categories, we call them apolitical, as people are doing with Loughner.

I'll try and expand on this in a proper post.