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It's not available in my country. T_T


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Yes! Definitely! And I recommend VSPonyville (Ponyville.net). It's great fun and a pretty good and friendly community.

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Ok, so here's what the promo actually says as heard by someone who speaks Portuguese and English fluently (I'm Brazilian):

(I am not going to translate every single word the announcer says, btw. Instead I'll just say what she's talking about for short. But I can go ahead and translate everything the announcer says if you guys want.)

Starting on September 20th (Sunday) they'll start airing season 5 of MLP and when the season ends they'll air Equestria Girls 3.

Supposing they air one episode of season 5 per day (which is usually how cartoons air here in Brazil), it would take about a whole month until they can close it up with EQ3. Since this schedule STARTS on September 20th, it is very likely that Brazil will only get EQ3 on October. Which means that you folks in the US can relax. You'll still get EQ3 before us Brazilians. There's no way they can air a whole season (all the episodes out so far, that is) within a week. Unless they air more than one episode per day.

So yeah. Brazil is NOT getting EQ3 on the 20th. :)

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Brazil doesn't follow the same TV scheduling as the United States. As for why they are -supposedly- going to air it on a Sunday is beyond my knowledge. But if I had to guess I'd say that's because Sunday is when most kids are home.

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It truly is. That speech left me with teary eyes and a knot in my throat on the first time I saw it. Beautiful movie!

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Indeed, my friend!

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It was really good but it felt... odd... I think it was the amount of fan service in it. I'm not saying it was a bad thing but it felt a lot more like a fan made episode rather than a official work. It's great to see a day in the life of background characters but the fact that the producers relied so heavily on what the fans have created for the background characters just didn't suit it well. I liked the episode, definitely, but I can't help but feel it was... oddly awkward. The fan service was too big for my taste.

P.S: Doctor Whooves' characterization was pretty entertaining. Doctor Who references all over but keeping his personality more like Doctor Brown's, from Back to the Future. He was my favorite in the entire episode. :3

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"Be a deer and kick some flank."

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All of my YES!! <3

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Hm... perhaps we might have a new Flutterbat episode? Fluttershy did remain with some pointy teeth at the end of that episode after the spell, after all!