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You would not be able to post here if you were not "signed up" so in fact you are...

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Over the last few weeks I have shown friends and family (about 50 people) a printout of the 9 Principles and asked if they could agree with at least 7 of the 9. I found something surprising (to me at least). None agreed with all 9 and about 50% disagreed with #1 "America is Good" and the other half disagreed with #9 "The gov works for me...".

After some discussion I found that the root of this is that they all lost hope and believe that 50.1% of Americans are now practicing consistently “bad” behavior and that the gov has moved so far from the constitution as to be unsalvageable.

Has anybody else found similar results?

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Article I Section 8
"No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed"
If you have the facts right the excise tax is clearly unconsitutional. Who in the government cares and who is going to do anything about it? The answer to both is NOBODY. They are drunk with their own power...

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It is not a real time counter. They are only updating the image every few days.

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P5 “If you break the law you pay the penalty.” The elected officials who are throwing our law enforcement people to the wolves and intentionally refusing to enforce the law need to be tried for treason!

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While some sates have a mechanism to recall the governor there is no mechanism to recall a member of Congress. The only way is for Congress to expell a member. If you think Congress will expell Congress no matter what "we the people say."

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I don't understand the "Top 50 Wish List Poll." It does not have 50 items and most people seem to be voting for most of the 25 items. I think the voting should be restricted to the 10 you find most important to bring out some clear winners don't you think?

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All presidents travel with huge groups for logistics and security etc. Our concern should be the damage that will be done in all the closed door meetings. I suspect many of the messages that our president will be delivering to the foreign leaders will be contrary to 9-12. I believe these meetings will, above all else, show the world that our leadership is week and willing to submit to the rule of international bodies like the U.N….

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The only thing that the media and our elected leaders can’t ignore is masses of voting, informed citizens marching in the streets. The tea parties are a start. If you don’t do everything you can to attend one you are not taking this seriously.

When we stand together with hundreds and then thousands of citizens at the tea parties at the local level we have to go to Washington. We have to fill the Mall with people standing up and demanding the same things with one voice. If our sons and daughters, father, grandfathers and great grandfathers could go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, WWII and WWI, why can't we go to a rally and make our voices heard?

The hardest thing in life is often to begin. Take baby steps. Go see your neighbors. Invite them to a Tea Party in your city. If there isn’t one, organize it yourself. Go to the Tea Party. Then go to a state or national event. Perhaps you have to use some vacation time or miss a day or two. Is that so much to ask to save your country?

Let’s get going Americans!