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It will happen anyway, we need to take out Yemen and Pakistan, while were dumping plutonium on those t^rds.

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UBETCHA right!

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Iran wants to put nuke subs off of our shores. If we're hearing the warning from Feinstein, it may be too late.

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Are you going to wait until an Iranian sub lobs a nuke at DC or NYC, bucko? I wouldn't want to set foot in Iran, just vitrify it. The military can do a stand-off action for once. Your view of a war monger is everyone who wants to use strength to avoid war. Wuss. Iran knows nothing but will wake up only when 60% of their leaders and clerics are raging human torches. Take them now before it is too late. Obama should be overthrown first. He's the scum that nurtured this situation.

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Obama is marching us into a nuclear war while our homegrown terrorists march to tear us down from within. First, wipe out the "Occupy" terrorists, brutally, next oust Obama, and then pre-emptively strike Iran with 50-100 nukes. The new, new world order should be much quieter and respectful.

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Racist is as racist does. His idol: racist Obama.

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I wish I had a crappy pair of boots to shove up his corpusculent back-schfincter.

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Waters is a Satan-minion. If anyone can take anything to hell, it's her... playing the race card all the way.

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Olby & the Dyke, Perfect together.

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Send him disgust-mail. He's a worm of Obama.