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Not sure why you got TD for a valid's not very clear in this article because it does say he entered his neighbor's home and killed his wife. In the end they say she was his girlfriend but without the other neighbors' comments about this couple being normal and happy, I would've wondered too if the girlfriend was his neighbor's wife. Poorly written.

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Why is this news? I mean really, KOMO. This is continuing to sensationalize this tragic story. I wish to never read another Josh Powell story again unless it's news that his wife's remains have been found so there can be final closure for her family. Josh is nothing but evil and this story about porn he may or may not have watched is a complete and utter waste of time and space. Give it a rest and report some real news.

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Even if the donation first given was anonymous and/or "unrestricted" it seems there was still an agreement of some sort to have a women's center built in his mother's name. Plain and simple to me. Greedy fools! Jury did good on this one.

I agree with the others saying he should find another hospital who will follow through on building a women's center in honor of his mama.

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I agree with natural foods over processed (fake sugar and HFCS), however, her definition of moderation and realistic moderation are two different things. No one, not even me, said she should avoid it all but if her son is healthifying her dishes, it should clue her in that she's not eating as healthy as she should.

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Sure, people are responsible for their own food choices buuut, what about the message she's sending? She could use her influence to promote healthy eating. She could reverse this without meds. Reduce and/or replace some of those ingredients. Nobody's perfect but using your fame for the greater good would be a bonus.

Genes load the gun; Lifestyle pulls the trigger.

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Love this! I've heard of others doing something similar and find it so inspiring! I hope to do more random acts of kindness.

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Man, these people who tried to "gas" her are cold! She's a tough kitty. Glad she's alive and well and out of that place!

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Meanwhile, Metro is showing increased ridership. They're loving the tolls!

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seriously guys? when you gonna learn to be professional and not idiots? I know there are some good cops out there but really, there seem to be way too many buffoons in the SPD.