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What's incredible is that Ranil is being 'seriously' considered for re-election given the total disaster he caused during his previous tenure as PM and the complete cave-in to the IMF which essentially relegates Sri Lanka to "colony" status again with no independence to make major decisions about its own economy. A totally embarrassing result that should NOT be rewarded with further reelection. You should be ASHAMED to have to give up control of your country to a foreign-controlled organization like the IMF, but Ranil seems to be 'proud' of this fact. IMF control and democracy are completely incompatible, as the leaders you vote for have to take orders from the IMF rather than carry out the wishes of their own people.

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At least he is being honest - there are a lot of undercover SJB folks that really never left the UNP. The UNP is the party of sell-outs, who think Sri Lanka is better off as a COLONY of Western powers. What a joke, and completely disrespectful to all who fought and died for independence.

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More debt and more oppressive conditions on the debt = higher taxes and lower real incomes, increase in poverty, and higher cost of living just like in every other country that fell for the IMF baloney. Wealthy foreigners get to pick off the country's assets at pennies on the dollar while everyone else suffers.

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The rest of the world should respond by blacklisting all of the people in the United States who were responsible for killing hundreds of thousands innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US refuses to lead by example, and the only way to stop this nonsense is hold them to the same accountability standards that they hold others to.

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In a Buddhist country, we strive to be a better person rather than chasing more and more money and material objects. Ranil is in the WRONG country!

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If the SAME politicians are involved, changing parties will have ZERO effect on the country!

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Her statement in favor of elections would have had more credibility if it were made BEFORE the lawsuit forcing the Supreme Court's hand. The US favors keeping those they control in power in Sri Lanka. No Sri Lankan voter voted for Ranil as their president, but the US supported the soft coup that brought him to power because they control Ranil.

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Deepening economic contraction and recession disproportionately affects the poor, and that is what higher interest rates accomplish.

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EVERY economist knows you don't raise income taxes during a recession unless you want to deepen and lengthen the recession. A recession requires the OPPOSITE - tax 'cuts' to stimulate spending and economic growth. The IMF economists clearly know this so they are actually trying to harm the country with their 'conditions' on debt restructuring like they did in Argentina by keeping Sri Lanka in an economic downturn for an unnecessarily long time. It's MUCH easier to control an economically weak nation, and the US which controls the IMF is seeking complete control of Sri Lanka for its own anti-China geopolitical purposes. If Sri Lanka were economically propserous, it would undernine US control of the country.

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Ranil is not competent in basic national economy economics, which explains why he is listening to the IMF who has a 'colonist' POLITICAL agenda in Sri Lanka that is NOT focused on economic recovery. You need STIMULUS (more government spending), not budget cuts, to stimulate the economy. You need tax CUTS, not tax increases to stimulate the economy. ANY economist who has not been bought off will tell you this. A strong and competent president would tell the IMF that now is NOT the time to increase income taxes - you only increase income taxes during times of robust economic growth. A strong and competent president would also tell the IMF that now is NOT the time to increase electricity tariffs as this acts in much the same way as a tax by reducing incomes and spending in the the economy. Ranil is doing the opposite - he is so focused on getting IMF relief that he is no longer able to do what is best for the country.