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The power keeps shifting to enable Ranil, whether it is executive PM or executive President. Can't have a constitutional system that is dedicated to enable the power of a single person. Must take a consistent stance on PM vs. presidential power and stick to it if you want to be taken seriously by those who want to invest long term in Sri Lanka.

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Most people are not going to pay this...and Ranil should be honest and transparent with the Sri Lankan people and acknowledge that these new taxes are based on IMF demands, and the IMF is controlled by the United States.

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The middle-income designation was fraudulent, and was used by Ranil, Mangala, and Ravi K in 2015 as a basis to access the US junk bond market that is now strangling the Sri Lankan economy with 20 billion USD debt with double-digit usury interest rates. Most of this junk bond debt must be written off if Sri Lanka is to achieve debt sustainability, as there is no way to service this debt given the current or expected revenues of the country.

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More US propaganda to try to turn Sri Lanka against Russia and be aligned with the West. It was RACIST white people in Ukraine that stopped Sri Lankans and Indians from boarding trains to leave Ukraine, but there is no mention of this in the US framing of the issue.

And we should always discuss "Sri Lankan" NGOs in terms of where they get their funding so it is clear whose voice they are really speaking for.

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The US is simply not being realistic - China just landed a rover on MARS!! They obviously do not need US advanced chips anymore so the US is only enabling further Chinese advancement in chip development.

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It's time to END the monarchy and this silly idea that the family you are born into gives you some sort of 'right' to rule other people. If you are not the best person to lead based on MERIT as adjudged by the people you seek to govern, then you have no right to rule.

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Need to pick Russia and Malaysia to ensure no further encroachment on Sri Lanka's sovereignty. Also, both of these countries have their own source of oil outside of the US hegemonic apparatus.

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It clearly is in Sri Lanka's best national interest to say NO to the IMF's 2-3 Billion USD and do the 4 billion USD deal with China that does not involve creditor assurances or giving the US de facto control of Sri Lanka's economy through the IMF austerity programs which include IMF control of Sri Lanka's tax policy and government expenditure levels. You NEVER give a foreign government (even one hiding behind the IMF) control over your economy if you wish to remain an independent and non-aligned country.

Ranil keeps pushing for the IMF deal just like he did with the MCC because he REALLY wants Sri Lanka to be a colony of the United States like Puerto Rico, which is why only 2% of Sri Lankans voted for him and his party in the last national election. You can't give up independence as a country without a vote of the Sri Lankan people, or there will be more chaos in the street until the decision to give up independence is reversed.

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Hopeful comments from India, as they clearly see the promise and potential of joining hands with China. Asian unity is a total game changer in the international order that the US fears the most.

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I wish Ranil would just be honest and tell the Sri Lankan people that these economic reforms are being DICTATED to Sri Lanka by the IMF and let the people of Sri Lanka decide whether they want their economy under the authority of the United States which is the largest shareholder of the IMF and has the greatest power of the agency.

If the answer is NO, Ranil needs to accept this and move on. Remember, the IMF is Plan B for US control of Sri Lanka after the failure of the MCC which was also promoted by Ranil.