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Ahh, thanks. Didn't think to actually look for a path expander. For this, that's more typing than just adding a complete path- but it's a good trick to remember for the future.

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I do appreciate it, as the language of my people is one of the ones that was lost- thanks to the "soul-saving" of missionaries. I think of it quite a lot, as a matter of fact. The loss of a language is the loss of a way of thinking.

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With Witopia, everything you do is sent over an encrypted connection, so yes, it protects against anyone seeing anything you send. This is generally a better solution than a proxy browser, which can still use an unencrypted connection. I've noticed no real delay on my laptop with Witopia. Occasionally, my iPad has problems while on the VPN, but that's usually when I'm using a very weak signal, and the increased error checking and encryption of the VPN just adds too much. Mostly then, I just don't bother using my iPad and sit and look at the trees, since, if I'm somewhere with a weak signal, I probably don't really need to check my email anyway.

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For some reason, I missed Danno's comment until now. Yes, everyone, use this as a basis, but please modify it. This design was build by looking at other people's and modifying them heavily. I'd feel pretty weird about someone taking this exact piece of art, since it's so personal to me specifically, and entirely designed FOR me. But using this as a basis to build on is what art is all about, so knock yourselves out.

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Thanks Pete. I once heard someone describe it as "Holding an ember in your hand, hoping that it'll burn someone else" and as "Drinking poison to kill someone else." Both of those came at important times for me, and caused me to re-think my actions.

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Definitely let me know if you have any specific questions, I can add some illustrations to a future post or just help you out individually.

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Thank you for the child theme, and the great introductory blog post. I've been meaning to get around to playing with child themes for a while, and your WordPress PDX talk spurned me to action

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It would make a really funny Ignite presentation. I'd title it "How to Hire a Ninja."

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I'd suggest that the "movie magic piece" originated in the written story, and was brought to the screen as a replacement, rather than an origin, for our imagination :)

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Are you serious?
You're serious, aren't you?
You're serious?