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Hello guys,

I have an iphone 3GS old bootroom iOS 4.1 baseband 5.14.02 and I want to unlock it. My phone is already jailbroken with Limera1n and I want to know if I can use redsnow to just update the ipad baseband (6.15.00) and then run the ultrasnow for unlock?Will this work?
Please helpppp!!!

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Am kind of confused on the path to take to unlock by iphone 3gs BB 5.14.02 OS 4.1.I am already jailbroken with Limera1n.

1)Can I jailbrk and unlock on OS 4.1 or do I need to update to 4.2.1 and follow the iclarified tutorials for jailbrk and unlock?I don't have mac , only windows.

2)If I update to 4.2.1,will my baseband be still 5.14.02 or it will get updated to latest BB which is unlockable?

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Thanks Maura. Is it good for me to update to IOS 4.2 before doing unlock ? or Should I maintain 4.1, which is more bug free after the unlock?

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Hello Guys,

From the time I bought my iphone am loving it but I want to unlock my iPhone 3GS on BB 5.14.02 which is already Jailbroken by Limera1n. This jailbreak is running very smooth. Found this great blog which helps unlocking, but as a newbie couldn't grasp all the stuff out here..
I still have few queries before I try to unlock and get my finger's burnt.

1)Do I have to upgrade to BB 6.15.00 (ipad)?

2)If 1) is yes, then What should I do as I already have a jailbroken iphone but with Limera1n?
a)Restore to 4.1 OS and nulligy the jailbreak, then again jailbreak by redsnow?
b)I can directly use Ultrasnow on Limera1n jailbreak?

3) I have an old bootrom so jailbreaking with latest redsnow should be a untethered jailbreak right? this will ensure that I have no battery problems?

4)How Do i find if I already have a SHSH blob on saurik's server as I have a used iphone and don't know if previous user saved the blob ?

Please try to help me..I would greatly appreciate if someone can answer each point without any confusion.
Thanks a Lot...!!!