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yesterday and today has been like a nightmare for the jailbreak community.

1. Geohot uses an unauthorized jailbreak. (i know now it has been “approved” by comex)
2. LimeRa1n Sucks
3. saurik servers are down

this weekend was a bummer :(

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For people who are having issues jailbreaking on limera1n.

I always sync my phone on my mac , i tried plugging in my phone into a windows computer to use limera1n. It says your phone is now jailbroken but i didnt see no limera1n logo. I tried several times until i decided to restore my phone on windows. I’m using windows xp service pack 3 with the newest version of itunes. Once ive done that and tried limera1n one more time it worked!

So im ASSUMING that you need to sync your idevice on windows with the newest version of itunes for it to work. These are for people who use mac but still want to jailbreak their idevice.

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You don’t need to log in or make a twitter account to view their twitter status, they have it open to the public :) and thats why they post a link of their twitter accounts on this blog to update on twitter not on this blog.

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3G Unrestrictor is meant to trick the application to make it “think” its under wifi, but for some reason, I’m “ASSUMING” there shouldn’t be any problems going on with it but im guessing its crashing or something is wrong from what the dev team has been saying, but its nothing to really worry about there will “PROBABLY” be a fix to it.

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as much as i like the guy, he really is very immature, i prefer the dev team because they keep up with updates, let you know whats going on and their tools are very reliable, geohots solution is just here you go their is your jailbreak and thats it. So im not excited about this hacker coming back.

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its an iphone 4, totally forgot to put that in my original post.

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Hey i wanted to ask you guys if 4.0.1 is safe to upgrade? because since its just a “signal bar” update I just don’t see how that would effect the jailbreak solution that is coming out.

I do keep the rule of thumb never to update but i im hearing from other people and blogs that are saying it would be safe to update. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks

Dev Team Rulez!

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you totally killed your rating lol

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I don’t think if dev team and the “other developer" shut down i dont think it would be the end of the world, if it does im going back to programming learn the iphone code, figure out the holes and release my own jailbreak ill probably call it “freebird” but that’s if that day comes lol, i still thank the Dev Team for all their hard work and dedication for making the iphones as awesome as they can be.