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On a single family home this should not be mandatory. If homeowners value this more than the cost to install, they should have the choice to so, but not be forced to. One other piece of the cost that is missing is the yearly inspection and upkeep fees which are pricey.

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You can get a ticket for distracted driving and running a stop sign. Not to mention that the SUV can go after the driver as a civil suit in court. Law enforcement and emergency personnel can be held personally liable for accidents they cause (even if their lights are flashing). The law does not allow them to freely break traffic rule, it just allows them to and only if it is safe to do so.

Updating with the statute: 169.03 Subd. 2

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Vikes4Life2011 -

I agree with your post but just want to make one clarification. You posted "If someone has a gun anywhere and doesn't drop it", it really should be if someone has a gun and is showing intent to use it (ex: pointing it at someone or at officers as they approach). With today's conceal and open carry laws, just seeing someone with a gun does not make them a threat.

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Yay, reading fail.

FTA: "The territory's chief minister, Paul Henderson, said he will GIVE Obama the unusual policy when the president arrives in the remote tropical city of Darwin."

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Wow, Diesel. What do you even stand for? Whatever you don't like must be illegal? I really hope you don't claim to be a Republican, if so I think your type of thinking is really what is hurting the party.

It is funny that you quote the constitution but yet don't seem to care about it. You claim that they don't have a RIGHT to cause unwanted disturbance, but guess what, you DON"T have a RIGHT to not be offended.

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Thanks, but the article said that was related to security costs only, not everything else you listed.

From the article: "That does not include other costs such as utilities, cleaning, arrests, and several emergency medical calls."

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I'm sorry but I have to disagree with most of your post. Just to be clear, I don't agree with what they are protesting but I do agree with the bill of rights and what it stands for. I think these people have every right to protest. However, if other laws are broken (littering, defacing, destroying, etc) they can't hide behind "protesting".

"There is a difference between standing up for what's right and simple disorganized loitering. " - What's right and simple disorganized loitering is going to be viewed by everyone differently, just because you don't agree does not make it bad.

"Free speech doesn't give people the right to cause health/saftey hazards and interrupt private business over a sustained period of time. It never has. " - I agree with the health/safety hazards, but not the interrupt private business part. There is no law saying that I can't do something next to a business that may prevent someone from going in if they don't want to be by me. If this were true, how could anyone ever protest a business. Your imply about free speech never meaning that is entirely false.

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Does anyone else besides me wonder what makes up the cost of $10,000/day? Even if we assume that they pay an officer $100/hr (after overtime, and even that is a high estimate), that is just over 4 additional officers working around the clock. Sure, there is fuel and maintenance cost of vehicles and equipment factored into the total.

Maybe it is accurate, it just seems high.

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That is because credit unions are not-for-profit. They exist to serve the members where as a bank is for profit. Banks exist to make money.

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I guess I have not, and they should really be held accountable for the mess they have created.