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Growing up in Taiwan, Republic of CHINA, in the 60's, my school text books stated "Soviet Unions & Communist China ARE OUR ENEMIES"! I was totally Brainwashed by the U.S.-controlled Taiwan gov't that Communists were evil; hence, I was very frightened when I met people from China for the first time. However, I quickly realized that we shared the same Language, Food, and Customs & Tradition - we are ALL Chinese!
Unfortunately, in 2016, I voted for Trump to become president! He is Just like ALL past & current U.S. presidents who are Bought & Paid for by the Military Industrial Complex; he is prejudiced toward yellow-skinned China Men, he used Taiwan gov't (in coordination w/ U.S. military participating World Game in Wuhan Oct 2019) to release Mad-in-USA-Covid-19 virus in Wuhan Market and then FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMED that the Virus was leaked at U.S.-Funded Wuhan Lab. Worse: the Not-so-Intelligent Trump allowed the Military Contractors to develop Killer Vaccines (with labels of Pfizer & Moderna) to jab people for profits. Go RFK Jr.

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This "FBI" article is full of "xxxx" - 9/11 was totally an Inside Job and some "FBI" participated in the "terrorist" attacks on 9/11.
1. China invented 5G BEFORE Trump was trying to give money to contractors to develop 5G
2. Russia & China had long developed Hypersonic Missiles that can defeat U.S. Navy Big Time! No, the U.S. has not successfully develop Hypersonic missiles.
3. China had sent no-man space crafts to the dark side of the Moon, but the U.S. faked Moonlanding.

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You know you are living in an oligarchy when Mark Zuckerberg has more political influence over your country than any elected official. Democracy is an illusion...

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There is an old joke which still has resonance. A child asks his parent, “Why are there pyramids in Egypt?” The parent answers, “Because they were too big to take to Britain.”
HaHaHa - so TRUE!

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Caitlin Johnstone:
1. Invade a country on the other side of the world
2. Kill the people in that country who don't want you there
3. Claim your actions were self defense
Well said Caitlin! ! !

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"What actually happened on 9/11 and who was behind it remains somewhat a mystery as all the apparent perpetrators of which might have occurred are dead."
No, No, No. All the "apparent" perpetrators are NOT dead at all - 9/11 was an Inside Job, and all of the "perpetrators" are still Alive & Well, sitting on piles of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$; as a matter of fact, Rebekah Roth had been informed that Capt. Charles Burlingame was seen in western Canada.. Of course, Burlingame is just one of the main operators on 9/11 - who was the 9/11's Command and Control? HaHaHa, his last name starts with C and ends with Y

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Yes, I agree with everything you said that the U.S. Deep-State (including CIA) killed POTUS JFK, and the same alphabet agencies, including NEOCON, the Pentagon, CIA did 9/11.
Yes, a popular uprising will bring down the Deep-State, and the ONLY WAY that we can inspire the people to rise up: Spread the TRUTH! Unfortunately, majority of the people are fooled by the MSM Fake News paid for by the Big Corp & the Deep State :(

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Hawks in April: Don't call it a proxy war!
Hawks in May: Of course it's a proxy war!
Hawks in June: It's not their war, it's our war!
— Daniel Larison
Daniel hit it on the nail.
I will add:
- Hawks in July: We are losing the War! Stop it; otherwise, the high fuel prices will crash the World Economy!

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Missing Money: only $90 Trillions!

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It is GOOD to see two former Allied Power getting together and working for the GOOD and PEACE of the world.
It is amazing that so many youths today do NOT know that Russia and China were our allies during World War II.
FACT: Russia had defeated Germany (1941-1944), liberating all the Work Camps & the Jewish workers BEFORE our troops arrived.
FACT: China helped U.S. defeated Japan during WWII - True Story: a WHOLE Chinese village, including children, chicken, pigs, dogs & cats were MASSACRED by Imperial Japan Army because this China village Rescued & Sheltered American pilots (Col DooLittle) after the bombing of Japan mainland.