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Missing Money: only $90 Trillions!

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It is GOOD to see two former Allied Power getting together and working for the GOOD and PEACE of the world.
It is amazing that so many youths today do NOT know that Russia and China were our allies during World War II.
FACT: Russia had defeated Germany (1941-1944), liberating all the Work Camps & the Jewish workers BEFORE our troops arrived.
FACT: China helped U.S. defeated Japan during WWII - True Story: a WHOLE Chinese village, including children, chicken, pigs, dogs & cats were MASSACRED by Imperial Japan Army because this China village Rescued & Sheltered American pilots (Col DooLittle) after the bombing of Japan mainland.

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"When Your Government Ends A War But Increases The Military Budget, You’re Being Scammed"

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Hillary/Obama created, funded, armed & trained ISIS.
Our troops are in Syria ILLEGALLY!

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A GoFundMe account should be set up to collect money to hire high-powered lawyers to defend Julian Assange!

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Yes - and the U.S. Military

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9/11 was an Inside Job! Military-grade nano thermite material was found in WTC dust: Hmmmm, WHO could own the Military-grade thermite material??

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Australia's Defense Policy Explained (1.5 min video)
@1:10 … we are spending $30 billion dollars a year to protect our trade route WITH #China FROM China (which happens to be our biggest trading partner! )? .... Hmmm....

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".... to prevent a future Chinese invasion of the land down under. former major general Jim “The Butcher of Fallujah” Molan argues Australia will need to greatly INCREASE its MILITARY SPENDING in order to accomplish this ..."
China has NEVER invaded a foreign nation in 5,000 year of civilization; what makes the Butcher of Fallujah think that China will invade Australia? Money, money, money - more money.....

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“… in the age of intercontinental weapons, could the US homeland expect to escape unscathed from such a conflict as it did in WWII? …” %%% No, the U.S. homeland, especially Warmonger Congressional buildings & the Warmonger Pentagon, will be hit by Maneuverable Hypersonic Missiles based in the NE & the West of China, controlled by the brand new, high-tech Chinese Space Station - the ISS (International Space Station) that was built by Russia (NOT by the U.S.) will be retiring soon…..