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I've gotta go with Rarity. FlutterBat was fun, but the episode was pretty meh to me. Daring Do turning out to be real was neat, and I absolutely LOVED the banter exchanged between Twilight and Dash and Daring and the bad guys in that episode. Dash's expressions were top notch too. I just felt like the episode resolved a little bit too quickly. My first impression of Flight to the Finish was that it was...okay. Ms. Harshwhinny was absolutely perfect in that episode, from her expressions to the abso-f*yay*g-lutely adorable poses she pulled at the end. Dash and Harshwhinny were that episode's saving grace in my opinion, after the song. I liked Princess Sparklebutt in her episode too.

I dunno where I was going with this, but yeah. Rarity, though Pinkie as Filli-Second and the Mane-iac made me melt.

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I'll be honest, it was a spur of the moment thing. I saw the Terminator leg and immediately started rattling off digital things in my rat nest of a head. Terra Byte was one of the only two actual names that came up. The other was Giga Byte.

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Why stay tethered to one place? The majority of Season 3 was set in or around Ponyville. I know it was the shortest season, but Ponyville isn't going anywhere just because the first handful of episodes of this season were set outside it.

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Yes! the Great and Powerful accessories must be included for it to be a must buy! Of course...I'd buy best pony either way...

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Because even when they can see the actual spelling of the song's name and HEAR it in the song itself, it's still impossible to spell correctly. Cause that's just good grammar! It's the same thing with Daring Do (an obvious play on the old english "Derring Do") being spelled Daring 'Doo' or the Pokemon Ninetales being misspelled as 'Ninetails' and countless other spelling mistakes.

Some people just can't get it right.

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I personally loved the episode. There were the glaring pace issues at the end, and maybe there were plot holes (none of which I can name myself, but it's probably true), but this was a very exciting episode. I feel like if this had been modeled to look like one of Dash's daydreams when in reality it turned out to be one of Daring Do's real past adventures, it'd have been neat. Dash could wake up from the dream not knowing that those things had actually happened, and there'd be that since of curiosity as to whether Daring was real or not.

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I am most likely won't be playing, but it's nice to learn the rules of the game. I just know Trixie's gonna be the most powerful card in the game!

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That pmv gave me diabetes. I dunno if it was the music, Pinkie's bouncing, the backgrounds or some horrific amalgamation of the three, but...hnnng!

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Man, people can't help but point out where this clip is from, even though it's not an explicit clip in the slightest. Some people...

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Don't be embarrassed, Dash. I have that same reaction when I see Trixie being amazing, which she does every second of every day.