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This is legislation being referenced below is about the Railroad Companies, which will set prices. Tammy Baldwin (D) from Wisconsin, is trying to push this new legislation quietly through. No one is talking about this.....

H.R. 233

This will destroy the Railroads. I and everyone my fiance works with (who works for one of the Railroad Companies) is terrified of this legislation. The fear is, this will give the Government control on setting prices for shipping to make the cost more "fair" to those needing shipments (if you buy that). This will not bode well for the Railroad, if the Government is setting prices for shippers and the already agreed upon prices for the equipment, the various companies already share and work out amongst themselves.

This is a potential disaster. Please look into this, and tell me I am wrong.

Why does our Government feel the need to fix something that is NOT broken. Many of these Railroad companies are doing just fine. The current economy is having a minor effect, but this will cause a catastrophe. These companies have asked for no bail out money. If this goes through, many of those who work with my fiance, are expecting to be laid off - or just gone.

Could someone please look into this? If I am wrong, I would love to hear it. I do not think I am.

Thank you.