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425 weeks ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Crash Does a T... · 2 replies · +6 points

I left for who knows how long, and I return to quite the sight, Crash Bandicoot, Forums still being down, no update for like a week, man I missed this place

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And just hating something because it is ponies is kind of an asshole move

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Am I the only one who finds it odd that when someone posted a TF2 G-mod video in the "ShitShitShit" LoL post, it got top comment though it was completely unrelated.

yet when Jimmy boy over here posts something pony related and notes that something in it was somewhat related to the picture at hand, he goes into the negatives.

Just saying.

467 weeks ago @ Halolz - POKEMON TIME · 19 replies · +6 points

Yes, very. It's surprising really.

467 weeks ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Two Best Siste... · 1 reply · +10 points

If you really want to know what it was, it involved the two ponies from our trusty video up above doing things, things only Zoe would post.

467 weeks ago @ Halolz - Why link is an a+$hole · 0 replies · +11 points

I think what they mean by A+ $ hole is that he is great at wasting a lot of money, almost as if you are dropping it into a hole, just a thought.

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You'd think that helmet would get in the way of doing taxes in a timely matter or loving his wonderful family. I'm just saying, that helmet looks very cumbersome.

469 weeks ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Pokémon Spread · 1 reply · +7 points

We seem to have a lot of reason why we don't have nice things around here.

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I thought Luigi's parties would be more like this.

[youtube USPDEQzJcDE&feature=plcp youtube]