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Oh god... You guys linked music to this?! What the hell?!!

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Well hell, we never saw Suri get her come-uppance either.

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"If you're looking for revenge, you better be ready to dig two graves. One for your victim and, one for yourself."

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"You guys are in good hooves with the fellows diligently working on season 6 and future DVDs"
*takes big sigh of relief* THAT is more reassuring! After Amy's leaving for Disney and now this, is was starting to panic for second there.

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I'll take them both~

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Of course I want to see her redeemed.
We don't even know WHY she thinks the or is the way she is and, YES that's important!

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It's already up on Google Play as well. Same thing happened last week with "What About Discord?"

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That's the other thing I'm wondering. Since Jan has two Tumblr blogs (One of an OC Emerald May and, the other being his famed Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders blog), will he continue those or, has this whole ****** **** left him so depressed that he won't do ANYTHING pony related anymore?

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I didn't expect him to be allowed to make anymore videos though, I was at least hoping they'd make an exception with Pony Rock Anthem since, they let him reupload Don't Mine at Night since it's a parody of Last Friday Night and, Pony Rock Anthem is a parody of Party Rock Anthem but well, whatever...

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