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So right by Lynnwood Elementary where majority of these kids walk? So not ok. I get that he served his time, but some crimes are not those in which you can recover from or be reformed.. This is a high risk offender and should never go unsupervised, nor should he be allowed to live near a school. Made my kids memorize this face.

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My brother and I did CPR on this girl. She didn't break any "rules" or go in the caves. She was standing in front of it when the ice broke off and rolled down the hill. Her brother and her were just enjoying the day....people who feel that the "father" is to blame for not being the head of the household and laying down the rules are horrible. Haven't you even been on a family outing and let you kids enjoy the wonders of nature? Too bad for this little girl she died from it. Fate is all it was.